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Servo Motor Cables

Eland Cables' Servo Motor cable portfolio cover cables from both the Veriflex range and our wider industrial range. These cables often offer EMC electromagnetic compatibility properties to help shield and protect the integrity of the signals they transmit.

Servo Motor Cable Specification

These cables are designed for the quick connection of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, intelligent servo drives and temperature control units. Their industrial applications cover mills, automation plants, and other manufacturing instances where these control cables are invaluable.

ROZ1-K and Veriflex 2XSLCH LSZH Servo Cables

European servo cables are generally manufactured with PVC sheathing but in recognition of the requirements and specification preferences of the UK market, Eland Cables have developed the 2XSLCH Servo Motor Cable and offer the ROZ1-K EMC Servo Cable to provide the precise performance with an LSZH low smoke zero halogen sheathing instead. Like the ROZ1-K cable, the 2XSLCH cable is UV resistant but not recommended for direct burial, as well as being suitable for installation in trays or in trunking. The ROZ1-K cable offers to additional benefit of hydrocarbon resistance to NF-M87-202, making it suited to applications in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals industry.


Servo Cables from Stock

Our Veriflex 2XSLCH LSZH Servo Motor Cable is available direct from stock for next day delivery. This fast delivery is part of the Veriflex commitment to compliance and customer service for European control cables. Our Servo CP cable is available within 4-7 days of confirmed order. 

In practical applications there is also crossover with VFD Variable Frequency Drive cables. A PE/PVC alternative to the 2XSLCH cable is also available - the 2YSLCY cable for variable frequency drives (VFD). For support with specification, please contact one of the team.


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Construction Table

  Servo CP Cable CS Servo Cable CP Veriflex 2XSLCH Servo Cable CS Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo Cable ROZ1 K Cable Cross Section ROZ1-K EMC Servo Cable



Class 6 Extra Flexible Copper

Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


PP (Polypropylen)

XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)



PET (Polyester Tape)



Al/PET (Aluminium Polyester Tape)


TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid)


PUR (Polyurethane)

LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Servo Cable CPV5004031OR00041.5mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004041OR00042.5mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004051OR00044mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004061OR00046mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004071OR000410mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004081OR000416mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004091OR000425mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004101OR000435mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004111OR000450mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004121OR000470mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004033OR0004+21.5mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004043OR0004+22.5mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004053OR0004+24mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004063OR0004+26mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004073OR0004+210mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004083OR0004+216mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004093OR0004+225mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004103OR0004+235mm²Orange
Servo Cable CPV5004113OR0004+250mm²Orange
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404032BK00041.5mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404042BK00042.5mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404052BK00044mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404062BK00046mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404072BK000410mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404082BK000416mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404092BK000425mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404102BK000435mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404112BK000450mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404122BK000470mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404132BK000495mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404142BK0004120mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404152BK0004150mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404162BK0004185mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0404172BK0004240mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403032BK0003+31.5mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403042BK0003+32.5mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403052BK0003+34mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403062BK0003+36mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403072BK0003+310mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403082BK0003+316mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403092BK0003+325mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403102BK0003+335mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403112BK0003+350mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403122BK0003+370mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403132BK0003+395mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403142BK0003+3120mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403152BK0003+3150mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403162BK0003+3185mm²Black
Veriflex 2XSL(st)CH LSZH Servo CableV0403172BK0003+3240mm²Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+30015/0.253+31.5+0.25mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+30025/0.53+32.5+0.5mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+30040/0.753+34+0.75mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+30060/13+36+1mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+3010/1.53+310+1.5mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+3016/2.53+316+2.5mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+3025/43+325+4mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+3035/63+335+6mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+3050/103+350+10mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+3070/103+370+10mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+3095/163+395+16mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+3120/163+3120+16mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+3150/253+3150+25mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+3185/353+3185+35mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R3+3240/503+3240+50mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R04001541.5mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R04002542.5mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R04004044mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R04006046mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R04010410mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R04016416mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R04025425mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R04035435mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R04050450mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R04070470mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R04095495mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R041204120mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R041504150mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R041854185mm2Black
ROZ1-K EMC Servo CableB9R042404240mm2Black