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LiHCH Cable

LiHCH cables are multi-core halogen-free screened control cables suitable for indoor use in industrial applications such as data transmission between electronic devices in computer systems or process control units with increased requirements for electromagnetic compatibility. 

LiHCH Cable Voltage Rating

The voltage rating for LiHCH cables is 250V and their operating temperature range is from -30oC to +70oC when used in fixed installations. These cables are manufactured in accordance with VDE 0245 and VDE 0812 standards. They are flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2.

LiHCH Cable Specification

The LiHCH cables are generally used in flexible or stationary applications with low mechanical and tensile stress as connecting cables for applications including electrical apparatus for office and laboratory use. The twisted pair design of LiHCH cables reduces internal interference or crosstalk. Their TCWB shield offers added protection and inteference-free signal and data transfers.

LiHCH cable datasheet

For more information please refer to the technical specification LiHCH datasheet or speak to one of our team. An unscreened version of this halogen free cable, the LiHH cable, is also available, as are PVC sheathed equivalents LiYY cable and LiYCY cable.

Eland Cables is a leading supplier of control and data transmission cables. Contact our technical team for assistance in selecting the ideal LiHCH cable or other control cable for your specific application.

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Construction Table

  LIHCH Cable CS LiHCH Cable



Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


FRNC (Flame Retardant Non-Corrosive)


TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid)


FRNC Compound (Flame Retardant Non-Corrosive)

LiHCH Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
LiHCH CableV6302222GR00020.14mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6302232GR0020.25mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6302242GR00020.34mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV632002GR00020.5mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6302012GR00020.75mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6302022GR00021mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6303222GR00030.14mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6303232GR00030.25mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6303242GR00030.34mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6303002GR00030.5mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6303012GR00030.75mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6304222GR00040.14mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6304232GR00040.25mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6304242GR00040.34mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6304002GR00040.5mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6304012GR00040.75mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6304022GR00041mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6305222GR00050.14mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6305232GR00050.25mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6305242GR00050.34mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6305002GR00050.5mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6307222GR00070.14mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6307232GR00070.25mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6307242GR200070.34mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6307002GR00070.5mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6308222GR00080.14mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6308232GR00080.25mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6308242GR00080.34mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6308002GR00080.5mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6310222GR000100.14mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6310232GR000100.25mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6310242GR000100.34mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6310002GR000100.5mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6310012GR000100.75mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6312222GR000120.14mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6312232GR000120.25mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6312242GR0003120.34mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6312002GR000120.5mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6312012GR000120.75mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6316222GR000160.14mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6316232GR000160.25mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6316242GR000160.34mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6318222GR000180.14mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6318232GR000180.25mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6325222GR000250.14mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6325232GR000250.25mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6325242GR000250.34mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6325002GR000250.5mm²Grey
LiHCH CableV6325012GR000250.75mm²Grey