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LiYCY Cables

Our LiYCY cables are flexible multicore flame retardant screened signal and data transmission cables designed for indoor applications with increased requirements for electromagnetic compatibility such as process control units and computer systems.

There are two variants of LiYCY, one of which has twisted pairs (TP) for reduced interference (crosstalk). These cables are also available without a screen as LiYY.

LiYCY Cable Sizes and Voltage Ratings

The voltage rating for LiYCY cables with a cross-section of up to 0.14mm2 is 350V. Larger cross-sections have a voltage rating of 500V. They operate in a temperature range of -40oC to +80oC when used in fixed installations and -5oC to +50oC in flexible installations.

LiYCY cables are manufactured according to VDE 0812 and 0814 and are flame retardant to VDE 0472 and IEC 60332-1-2.

The tinned copper wire braid offers protection from electrical and electromagnetic interference (EMI), similar to the H05VVC4V5-K cable. It also offers a moderate degree of mechanical protection. 

LiYCY Cable Selection

As a leading supplier of control and data transmission cables, Eland Cables supplies a comprehensive range of LiYCY cables. They are frequently specified alongside industrial automation and control cables such as SY, CY and YY cables. Please see the LiYCY datasheet for detailed information on cable sizes, LiYCY core colours and cable ratings, or contact our technical team to discuss the requirements of your specific application.

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Construction Table

  LIYCY Cable CS LiYCY TCWB Screened PVC IEC 60754 Control Cable LIYCY TP Cable CS LiYCY TCWB Screened TP (Twisted Pair) PVC IEC 60754 Control Cable LIYCY Cable CS LiYCY Cable

Up to 0.14mm2: 350V
Above 0.14mm2: 500V



Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


Plastic Foil Tape



TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


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Product name Part No Cores Pairs Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
LiYCY TCWB Screened PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CY100005010n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY TCWB Screened PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CY3000503n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY TCWB Screened PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CY3000753n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY TCWB Screened PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CY120005012n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY TCWB Screened PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CY12001012n/a1mm²Grey
LiYCY TCWB Screened PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CY160005016n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY TCWB Screened PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CY180005018n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY TCWB Screened PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CY180007518n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY TCWB Screened PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CY200005020n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY TCWB Screened PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CY240005024n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY TCWB Screened TP (Twisted Pair) PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CT400050n/a4P0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY TCWB Screened TP (Twisted Pair) PVC IEC 60754 Control CableA5CT400075n/a4P0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6202222GR0002n/a0.14mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6202232GR0002n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6202242GR0002n/a0.34mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6202002GR0002n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6202012GR0002n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6202022GR0002n/a1mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6202032GR0002n/a1.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6203222GR0003n/a0.14mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6203232GR0003n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6203242GR0003n/a0.34mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6203002GR0003n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6203012GR0003n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6203022GR0003n/a1mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6203032GR0003n/a1.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6204222GR0004n/a0.14mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6204232GR0004n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6204242GR0004n/a0.34mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6204002GR0004n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6204012GR0004n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6204022GR0004n/a1mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6204032GR0004n/a1.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6205222GR0005n/a0.14mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6205232GR0005n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6205242GR0005n/a0.34mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6205002GR0005n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6205012GR0005n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6205022GR0005n/a1mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6205032GR0005n/a1.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6206222GR0006n/a0.14mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6206232GR0006n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6206242GR0006n/a0.34mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6206002GR0006n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6206012GR0006n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6207222GR0007n/a0.14mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6207232GR0007n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6207242GR0007n/a0.34mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6207002GR0007n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6207012GR0007n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6207022GR0007n/a1mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6207032GR0007n/a1.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6208222GR0008n/a0.14mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6208232GR0008n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6208242GR0008n/a0.34mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6208002GR0008n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6208012GR0008n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6208022GR0008n/a1mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6209232GR00010n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6209002GR00010n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6209012GR00010n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6209022GR00010n/a1mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6210222GR00012n/a0.14mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6210232GR00012n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6210242GR00012n/a0.34mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6210002GR00012n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6210012GR00012n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6210022GR00012n/a1mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6210032GR00012n/a1.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6211232GR00014n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6211242GR00014n/a0.34mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6212232GR00015n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6213222GR00016n/a0.14mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6213232GR00016n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6213002GR00016n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6214232GR00018n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6214012GR00018n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6214032GR00018n/a1.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6215222GR00020n/a0.14mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6215232GR00020n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6215002GR00020n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6216232GR00021n/a0.25mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6218002GR00025n/a0.5mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6218012GR00025n/a0.75mm²Grey
LiYCY CableV6219242GR00030n/a0.34mm²Grey