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VDE0276 Cable

DIN VDE 0276 is the widely used German standard for cables with extruded insulation used in power distribution systems.

VDE0276 Cable

This standard covers a significant percentage of power cables used across the European continent. It covers the various cable construction and test methods, and it consists of the following parts:
DIN VDE 0276 Scope
Part 1 General requirements
Part 10-C Construction, dimensions and test requirements of single-core power cables with XLPE-insulation and with PE-sheath or PVC-sheath for rated voltage of 6/10 kV, 12/20 kV and 18/30 kV and of three-core power cables with XLPE-insulation and with PE-sheath or PVC-sheath for rated voltage of 6/10 kV for fixed installations
Part 603 Distribution cables of nominal voltages 0.6/1kV
Part 604 Power cables of nominal voltages 0.6/1kV with special fire performance for use in power stations
Part 604 & 605 Additional test methods
Part 620 Distribution cables of nominal voltages 3.6 to 20.8/36kV
Part 1000 Current carrying capacity, general, conversion factors
Part 1001 Tests on cables laid with nominal voltages 6/10kV, 12/20kV and 18/30kV with PVC insulation, VPE insulation or paper insulation

Eland Cables' range of cables manufactured to VDE 0276

As a leading supplier of power distribution cable to British, European and international standards, Eland Cables has a wide range of cables manufactured in accordance with VDE 0276. A number of these cables are always available from stock or in production, and are generally available for same day despatch. This includes copper conductor cables N2XCH and N2XH cable, N2XS2Y cable, N2XSEY cable, N2XSY cable, and the aluminium conductor equivalents NA2XS2Y cable, NA2XSY cable, NA2XY cable, and NAYY cable & NYCY cables.

These cables are suitable for permanent laying in dry and wet spaces over, on, in and under plaster. Cables manufactured in accordance with VDE 0276 can be laid in pipes/cables ducts, directly in ground or in free air.

Our technical engineers are highly experienced in the design, manufacture and testing of these power cables. Please call us to discuss your application as well as your specific project requirements.

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