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NYBY Cable

NYBY is a PVC insulated and sheathed Copper conductor cable with galvanised steel tape armour for low voltage power applications. It is commonly used across European power distribution networks. 

NYBY Cable Specification

The NYBY cable is suitable for static application installations in both internal and external dry and damp environments, including being buried with additional protection. The double layer of galvanised steel tape offers the cable a degree of mechanical protection but minimises the additional weight and overall diameter of the cable compared to the armour of flat or round steel wires. 

Unlike the XLPE insulated N2XBY cable which has a maximum operating temperature of 90oC, the NYBY cable specifies a maximum of +70oC. Rated 0.6/1kV, it is manufactured in accordance with IEC 60502-1 and DIN VDE 0276-603. 

The PVC sheathing provides protection from environmental conditions, being flame retardant and UV resistant.

NYBY Cable Datasheet

The technical datasheet for the NYBY cable supports cable selection. The NYBY cable is available with green/yellow earth conductor in the multicore variants of cores and above, with the option of a reduced size earth in the 3 core cable. Should the cable size you require not be listed, please speak to a member of the team for additional information.

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NYBY Cable Selection

The choice of a PVC insulated and sheathed cable - the NYBY - over an XLPE insulated cable or an LSZH sheathed alternative such as the N2XBH will be dependent on the precise application and installation environment. For each project, the Eland Cables technical team is available for support with specification, including determining the correct NYBY cable, the appropriate current carrying capacity, and the application of any de-rating factors. If you are in doubt as to which cable is the most appropriate for your project, we encourage you to get in touch and discuss it with one of our experts.

Construction Table

  NYBY Cable CS NYBY Cable



Class 1 Solid copper
Class 2 Stranded copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


Double Galvanised Steel Tape


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

NYBY Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
NYBY CableB2I020015BK21.5mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I020025BK22.5mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I020040BK24mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I020060BK26mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I02010BK210mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I02016BK216mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I02025BK225mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I02035BK235mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I02050BK250mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I02070BK270mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03010BK310mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03016BK316mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03025BK325mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03035BK335mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03050BK350mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03070BK370mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03095BK395mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03120BK3120mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03150BK3150mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03185BK3185mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03240BK3240mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I0316/10BK3+16/10mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03025/16BK3+25/16mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03035/16BK3+35/16mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03050/25BK3+50/25mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03070/35BK3+70/35mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03095/50BK3+95/50mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03120/70BK3+120/70mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03150/70BK3+150/70mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03185/95BK3+185/95mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I03240/120BK3+240/120mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I040015BK41.5mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I040025BK42.5mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I040040BK44mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I040060BK46mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I04010BK410mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I04016BK416mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I04025BK425mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I04035BK435mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I04050BK450mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I04070BK470mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I04095BK495mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I04120BK4120mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I04150BK4150mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I04185BK4185mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I04240BK4240mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I050015BK51.5mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I050025BK52.5mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I050040BK54mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I050060BK56mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I05010BK510mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I05016BK516mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I05025BK525mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I05035BK535mm²Black
NYBY CableB2I05050BK550mm²Black