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18/30kV Cables

With a voltage rating of 18/30kV, these unarmoured cables with copper or aluminium conductors are part of Eland Cables portfolio of European standard Medium Voltage cables.

30kV MV Cable

Named according to their construction, N identifies copper cores whilst NA is for aluminium cores. They are suitable for installation in the ground, outdoor and in cable ducts, with additional waterblocking measures available where the installation environment is damp and the cable may be subject to water treeing.  All our 30kV medium voltage cables have black sheaths, with PVC and Polyethylene compounds as required.

30kV cables construction

N2XSY PVC sheathed single core copper cable
N2XS2Y Polyethylene (PE) sheathed single core copper cable
NA2XSY PVC sheathed single core aluminium cable
NA2XS2Y PE sheathed single core aluminium cable
N2XS(F)2Y waterblocked PE sheathed single core copper cable
NA2XS(F)2Y waterblocked PE sheathed single core aluminium cable
NA2XS(FL)2Y PE sheathed single core aluminium cable with dual waterblocking layers

These European standard unarmoured cables are also available in 10kV and 20kV voltages. Please refer to the PDF specification sheets for further information. Medium Voltage cables with a voltage rating of 11kV and 33kV are also available in both single and three-core variations, with aluminium wire armour (AWA) and steel wire armour (SWA) respectively.

30kV Cable Technical Advice

Our technical experts can advise on the most appropriate cable for your power distribution network including specifications for 30kV cable accessories. Our technical hotline is available for enquiries, alternately please contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist you with your specific application and installation design.

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