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NYCY Cable

The NYCY cable is a European power cable insulated, bound and sheathed in Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). It is suitable for use as a fixed wiring cable in installations with a voltage rating of 600/1000V.

NYCY Cable Specification

The NYCY cable can be installed both indoors and outdoors, in cable ducts, plaster, brickwork and in the ground. It is used for power plants, industrial plants, and in local power networks, particularly if increased mechanical and electrical protection is required. 

NYCY cables have a UV and water-resistant oversheath.

Insulated and bedded in PVC, this multi-core cable has an operating temperature range of -5oC to +70oC. NYCY is also available in halogen-free compounds where there is a requirement to reduce risk to human life or equipment caused by acid fumes in the event of fire.

NYCY Cable selection

Eland Cables is a leading supplier of power cables manufactured to European standards, including the NYCY and other cables from the same fixed wiring range such as NYCWY cable. Please contact our technical team to discuss your applications and your specific requirements. 

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Construction Table

  NYCY Cable CS NYCY Cable



Class 1 Solid Copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


Copper Wires and Tape


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

NYCY Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Type Sheath colour Length (m)  
NYCY CableA9NYCY011016mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0201521.5mm²RE / 1.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0202522.5mm²RE / 2.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0204024mm²RE / 4Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0206026mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0210210mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0216216mm²RE / 16Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0301531.5mm²RE / 1.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0302532.5mm²RE / 2.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0304034mm²RE / 4Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0306036mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0310310mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0316316mm²RE / 16Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0401541.5mm²RE / 1.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0402542.5mm²RE / 2.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0404044mm²RE / 4Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0406046mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0410410mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0416416mm²RE / 16Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0501551.5mm²RE / 1.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0502552.5mm²RE / 2.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0504054mm²RE / 4Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0506056mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY07015/2571.5mm²RE / 2.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0702572.5mm²RE / 2.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0704074mm²RE / 4Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0706076mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0710710mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY0804084mm²RE / 4Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY10015/25101.5mm²RE / 2.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY10025/40102.5mm²RE / 4Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY10040/60104mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY12015/25121.5mm²RE / 2.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY12025/40122.5mm²RE / 4Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY12040/60124mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY14015/25141.5mm²RE / 2.5Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY14025/60142.5mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY16015/40161.5mm²RE / 4Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY16025/60162.5mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY19015/40191.5mm²RE / 4Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY19025/60192.5mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY21015/60211.5mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY24015/60241.5mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY24025/10242.5mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY24040/10244mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY30015/60301.5mm²RE / 6Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY30025/10302.5mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY40015/10401.5mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY40025/10402.5mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY52015/10521.5mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY52025/10522.5mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY61015/10611.5mm²RE / 10Black
NYCY CableA9NYCY61025/10612.5mm²RE / 10Black