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Aluminium and Steel Wire
Armoured Cable

armoured cable BS5467
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Eland Cables is a leading armoured cable supplier offering a comprehensive range of robust and hard-wearing Low to Medium Voltage cables manufactured in accordance with British, European and International standards and specifications. These include all sizes of the widely used steel wire armoured and aluminium wire armoured power cables with current ratings up to 33kV. We also supply large armoured High Voltage cables designed and manufactured to meet the application's specific requirements.

Armoured cables are often referred to as steel wire armoured cables, SWA, mains power cable, single core power cable, and multi-core booklet armoured cable. 

Steel wire armoured cable testing


Typically, the construction of an aluminium or steel wire armoured cable comprises six components:

Conductor: plain stranded copper or aluminium
Insulation: materials such as cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) provide high temperature resistance and excellent dielectric strength-providing enhanced electrical properties.

Bedding: a layer to create a protective barrier between the insulation and the armour.
Armour: a steel or aluminium armour provides mechanical protection to allow the cable to withstand the mechanical stresses to which it is exposed.
Sheath: the constituent parts of the cable are held together by a sheath offering a further level of protection. Black sheaths can be carbon-loaded for UV stability.
Voltage: voltage ratings of 600/1000V, 6.35/11kV and 19/33kV.

The armour provides additional protection where mechanical stress has the potential to cause damage to the cable, such as direct burial, outdoors or underground. The armour also enables the cable to withstand higher pulling loads. It should be noted, however, that the armour provides no protection for climatic conditions.

The construction of our various types of armoured cable differs according to their intended application and may also include protective screens and materials suited specifically to the installation conditions. We offer a comprehensive range of BASEC-approved armoured cables, manufactured in accordance with a number of British, European and International standards including BS5467, BS6622, BS6724, BS7835, BS EN 50267, IEC 60502 and BS EN 60332-1-2 (for single core cables).

Eland Cables' range of armoured cable is available with a Copper (Cu) or Aluminium (Al) conductor and with a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) sheathing, LSZH sheathings are recommended for use in high density enclosed areas, and are mandatory in some public places.

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