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N2XRY & N2XRH Cables

Eland Cables' N2XRY cables and N2XRH cables form part of our range of steel wire armoured low voltage power cables for power transmission & distribution. They are used frequently in building and construction across all industries.

N2XRY & N2XRH Cable Specification

These cables are the copper conductor equivalent of the NA2XRH and NA2XRY cables, delivering a voltage rating of 0.6/1kV (600V/1000V) and a maximum temperature rating of 90oC.

The addition of SWA armouring allows for these cables to be direct buried in the ground without additional protection, protecting them from mechanical stresses and the risk of damage from external forces. The black outer sheath offers UV protection in keeping with their use outdoors.

N2XRY is a PVC insulated and sheathed cable, comparable to the British standard cable BS5467. The N2XRH cable uses Low Smoke Zero Halogen compounds (also known as HFFR - halogen free flame retardant) and is comparable to the BS6724 cable.

The LSZH cable provides additional protection in the event of a fire, emitting none of the harmful halogen gases such as chlorine gas and emits reduced levels of the dense black smoke compare to PVC sheathed cables. As a result, the N2XRH cable is widely used in public buildings, tall constructions, as well as in refineries, automation plants and data centres - application where smoke emissions and toxic fumes could pose a risk to human health and sensitive equipment in the event of a fire.

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N2XRH / N2XRY cable code

N Standard metal cable type (copper)
2X XLPE insulation
R Round steel wire armour
H HFFR outersheath
Y PVC outersheath 

N2XRY & N2XRH Technical Support and Datasheets

The technical team at Eland Cables can help with the choice of low voltage power cable - whether armoured or in the more usual European construction of using metallic braids and tapes - advising on the most appropriate cable for the installation environment, and relevant national standards that are required. Comparisons between national standards, British standards, and international equivalents can be provided. For more information please contact us.

Construction Table

  BS5467 SWA PVC Cable CS N2XRY Cable BS6724 SWA LSZH Cable CS N2XRH Cable



Class 2 Stranded Copper


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)


SWA (Galvanised Steel Wire)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

N2XRY & N2XRH Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
N2XRY CableA9SWA201521.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA202522.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA204024mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA206026mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA210210mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA216216mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA225225mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA235235mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA250250mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA270270mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA295295mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA21202120mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA21502150mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA301531.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA302532.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA304034mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA306036mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA310310mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA316316mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA325325mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA335335mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA350350mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA370370mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA395395mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA31203120mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA31503150mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA31853185mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA32403240mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA33003300mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA34003400mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA401541.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA402542.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA404044mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA406046mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA410410mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA416416mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA425425mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA435435mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA450450mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA470470mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA495495mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA41204120mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA41504150mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA41854185mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA42404240mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA43004300mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA44004400mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA501551.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA502552.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA504054mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA506056mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA510510mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA516516mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA525525mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA535535mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA550550mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA570570mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA595595mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA071571.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA702572.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA704074mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA1215121.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA12025122.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA1915191.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA1925192.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA2715271.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA2725272.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA3715371.5mm²Black
N2XRY CableA9SWA3725372.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA235LSZH235mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA250LSZH250mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA270LSZH270mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA295LSZH295mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA2120LSZH2120mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA2150LSZH2150mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA3015LSZH31.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA3025LSZH32.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA3040LSZH34mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA3060LSZH36mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA310LSZH310mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA316LSZH316mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA325LSZH325mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA335LSZH335mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA350LSZH350mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA370LSZH370mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA395LSZH395mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA3120LSZH3120mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA3150LSZH3150mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA4015LSZH41.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA4025LSZH42.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA4040LSZH44mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA4060LSZH46mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA410LSZH410mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA416LSZH416mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA425LSZH425mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA435LSZH435mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA450LSZH450mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA470LSZH470mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA495LSZH495mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA4120LSZH4120mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA4150LSZH4150mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA4185LSZH4185mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA4240LSZH4240mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA4300LSZH4300mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA5015LSZH51.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA5025LSZH52.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA5040LSZH54mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA5060LSZH56mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA510LSZH510mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA516LSZH516mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA525LSZH525mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA535LSZH535mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA550LSZH550mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA570LSZH570mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA595LSZH595mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA7015LSZH71.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA7025LSZH72.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA1215LSZH121.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA1225LSZH122.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA1915LSZH191.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA1925LSZH192.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA2715LSZH271.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA2725LSZH272.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA3715LSZH371.5mm²Black
N2XRH CableA9SWA3725LSZH372.5mm²Black