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U-1000 AR2V and ARVFV Cables

U-1000 ARVFV cable and U-1000 AR2V cables are cables designed for the French market, manufactured in accordance with Norme Français NF C32-321 and NF C32-322 to provide rigid unarmoured power and control to applications.

U-1000 Cable Voltage

The U-1000 designation identifies the cables as having a voltage rating of 600/1000V (0.6/1kV). The cables have a temperature range of -10oC to +60oC for the ARVFV and -25oC to +90oC for the AR2V.

ARVFV & AR2V Cable Specification

The AR2V and ARVFV cables are the aluminium conductor equivalents to our R2V and RVFV cable range and provide the same functionality. The U-1000 AR2V cable is designed for internal use, being fixed to walls or contained on cable tray or in conduit. In relevant installations this can then be used for direct burial externally. As with the copper version of this cable, it should not be installed without additional protection into waterlogged trenches or areas subject to frequent flood.

The construction of the ARVFV cable includes a double layer of steel tape armour, providing additional mechanical protection. 

The aluminium conductor offers a lighter weight alternative to the copper conductors, but metal conductivity means parity in current carrying capacity is only achieved in a significantly larger cross-sectional area size cable.

ARVFV & AR2V Cable Sizes

ARVFV cables are available in configurations of 3 cores, 4 cores and 5 cores as standard, in sizes over 10mm2, whilst the AR2V is available in sizes 16mm2 and above with single core, 4 core and 5 core variants. There are also variants in 3 core cable with reduced earth, starting from 70mm2/35mm2.

The accompanying technical datasheets support cable selection, but should additional information be required to tailor to your specific installation parameters, please speak to the team for guidance.

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Construction Table

  ARVFV U-1000 Cable CS U-1000 ARVFV 1kV Cable AR2V U-1000 Cable CS U-1000 AR2V 1kV Cable



Class 1 Solid or Class 2 Stranded Aluminium (Solid or Sectorial shaped)


XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC or plastic tape


Double Layer Steel Tape



PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

U-1000 AR2V and ARVFV Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA03010310Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA03016316Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA03025325Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA03035335Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA03050350Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA03070370Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA03095395Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA031203120Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA031503150Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA031853185Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA032403240Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA033003300Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA04010410Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA04016416Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA04025425Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA04035435Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA04050450Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA04070470Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA04095495Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA041204120Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA041504150Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA041854185Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA042404240Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA05010510Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA05016516Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA05025525Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA05035535Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA05050550Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA05070570Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA05095595Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA0501205120Black
U-1000 ARVFV 1kV CableA4UA0501505150Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01016RM116Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01025RM125Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01035RM135Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01050RM150Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01070RM170Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01095RM195Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01120RM1120Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01150RM1150Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01185RM1185Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01240RM1240Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01300RM1300Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01400RM1400Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01500RM1500Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01630RM1630Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA01800RM1800Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA011000RM11000Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA03070SM370/35Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA03070SM395/50Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA03120SM3120/70Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA03150SM3150/70Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA03185SM3185/95Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA03240SM3240/120Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04016RE416Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04025RE425Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04035RE435Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04035SM435Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04050SE450Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04070SE470Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04095SE495Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04120SE4120Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04150SE4150Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04185SE4185Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04240SE4240Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA04400SE4300Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA05016RM516Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA05025RM525Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA05035RM535Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA05050RM550Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA05070RM570Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA05095RM595Black
U-1000 AR2V 1kV CableA4UA05120RM5120Black