Submersible Cables

Submersible & Pump Cables

Submersible and Pump Cables are designed for connections in water at varying depths and under differing degrees of pressure. From the very shallow through to depths of up to 800m, the cables offer robust underwater performance.

Pump and submersible cables

Used across a range of industries, pump cables connect electrical motor equipment in process and potable water, connecting low voltage equipment. They support a range of industries from food processing to water treatment, suitable for use where improved chemical and abrasion resistance is required, including in submersible pumps for mining applications, in depuration or chlorination systems, for swimming pool lighting, aquariums, and systems processing and preserving food and drink intended for human consumption. Our portfolio of submersible and pump cables range from the H07RN-8-F is suitable for depths of up to 10 metres, the commonly used 300m pump cable, through to the Drincable 800, a more specialist cable designed to support power distribution and supply at depths of up to 800 metres. The cables are all AD-8 classified, suitable for connections requiring IPX8 equipment. A range of cables specific to the mining industry and submersible applications in opencast and sub-surface environments, such as the (N)TSCGECEWOU and (N)TSCGEWOU are also available.

These pump motor cables are robust in construction, with insulation and sheathing that can withstand both the water and the flexible nature of a motor connection as it potentially moves, rubs and abrades against the surrounding environment. EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) and other Elastomeric compounds are often used in construction, but certain special PVC compounds are also used. It should be noted that standard PVC is not suitable, being a permeable material and ultimately ingressing water and affecting the conductor. 

Pump cables are available in voltage ratings of 450/750V and 600/1000V depending on application demands. In most cases, the circular stranded construction is selected, but some of the submersible cables are available in flat configurations. The cables themselves have a blue outer sheathing so as to offer camouflage when installed.

Whilst there is not necessarily a disadvantage to specifying a cable that is suitable for greater depths, there are cost implications to doing so, and so support is available from the Eland Cables technical team to specify the most appropriate cable for your project. 

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