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H07RN-8-F Cable

Our H07RN-8-F cable is a low voltage power cable for fixed installation, designed for applications where the connection may be subject to moderate mechanical stress, such as industrial or agricultural workshop apparatus.


H07RN-8-F Voltage Rating

The H07RN-8-F cable has a voltage rating of 450/750V as is denoted by harmonised cable standards.

They are available as single cores, and 3-core, 4-core, 7-core, 12-core, 18-core and 24-core variations as standard. Cables are supplied with coloured core identification, including green/yellow cores, for configurations to 5-core and larger core being numbered with G/Y. 

H07RN-8-F Cable Specification

The H07RN-8-F is often fixed in runs along floors or shelving on temporary job sites; or for connecting structural elements in lifting apparatus and machinery. These cables can be installed in dry, damp or wet environments and in workshops with explosive atmospheres.

Due to its rubber oversheath, the H07RN-8-F can be constantly immersed in fresh water to a depth of up to 10 metres at a water temperature of +40oC. This makes it suitable as an energy supply cable for submersed pumps. However, it is not suitable for underwater power transmission, or installation in a waterway, or where it is possible that mechanical damage might occur and cause hazard. It is commonly used as a floater switch to connect equipment in industrial water and in flexible applications in swimming pools.

The H07RN-8-F has a heavy-duty neoprene rubber sheathing which provides resistance to UV, ozone and oils.

H07RN-8-F Cable datasheet

The technical datasheet for download provides key information to support cable selection. Should additional electrical characteristics or dimensional data be required for installation, please contact a member of the team who will be able to provide guidance.

For a flexible rubber cable suitable for use in water treatment and drainage, please see our H07RN-F cable.

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Construction Table

  H07RN-8-F Cable CS H07RN-8-F Cable



Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper





H07RN-8-F Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
H07RN-8-F CableA4G1001511.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G1002512.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G1004014mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G1006016mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G1010110mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G1016116mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G1025125mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G1035135mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G1050150mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G3001531.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G3002532.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G3004034mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G3006036mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G3010310mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G3016316mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G3025325mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G3035335mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G3050350mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G4001541.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G4002542.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G4004044mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G4006046mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G4010410mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G4016416mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G4025425mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G4035435mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G4050450mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G7001571.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G7002572.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G12015121.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G12025122.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G18015181.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G24015241.5mm²Black
H07RN-8-F CableA4G36015361.5mm²Black