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Pump Cable 300

The Pump Cable 300 cable is a 1kV submersible cable suitable for the flexible connection of pump motors and powering equipment at depths of up to 300m.

300m Pump Cable Specification

At 300m depths it has industrial and agricultural applications, from water treatment, mining operations, and industrial seafood production. It can be installed in both fresh and salt water. As required of a cable designed for submersible applications, it is rated AD8 water resistance for long-term water submergence.  

The 300 pump cable has a flat configuration, with its flexible Class 5 tinned copper conductors available in three core and four core variants, ranging in cross-sectional size from 4mm2 to 185mm2. The core colours include a green/yellow core. With the robust Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) insulation it can operate in temperatures as low as -40oC in fixed installations and  -25oC when flexed, whilst the Chloroprene Rubber sheath (also known by its trademarked name NeopreneTM), provides a flame retardant, UV and Ozone resistant barrier.

Pump Cable 300 Datasheet and Technical Support

Specification support for the Pump Cable 300 is available from our technical experts, although the data supplied on the technical datasheet would usually be sufficient for cable selection, covering dimensional data, weights, and electrical characteristics. Any supplemental information required is available on request.

The Pump Cable 300 is part of Eland cables’ portfolio of submersible cables, including the shallow water H07RN-8-F (to 10m depth) and the Drincable 600 (circular or flat) and Drincable 800. For guidance on the suitability of cables for submerged applications, please speak to our technical support team.

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Construction Table

  Pump Cable 300 CS Pump Cable 300



Class 5 tinned Copper


EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber)


Water Resistant Rubber Compound

Pump Cable 300

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Pump Cable 300B3P030040BK34mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P030060BK36mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P03010BK310mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P03016BK316mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P03025BK325mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P03035BK335mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P03050BK350mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P03070BK370mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P03095BK395mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P03120BK3120mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P03150BK3150mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P03185BK3185mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P040040BK44mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P040060BK46mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P04010BK410mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P04016BK416mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P04025BK425mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P04035BK435mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P04050BK450mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P04070BK470mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P04095BK495mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P04120BK4120mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P04150BK4150mm²Black
Pump Cable 300B3P04185BK4185mm²Black