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Lift Trailing Cables

Lift Trailing cables are manufactured for use in heavy industry, for use alongside other crane cables, in operations including mining, quarrying, and the construction industry. 

PUR-HF Lift Trailing Cable Specification

Our portfolio of Lift trailing cables are designed to operate under high mechanical stresses, as well as torsion, torque and tension working on vertical platforms and offering both flexibility and robustness across a wide temperature range.

Our 0.6/1kV Lift Trailing cable has a central strength member and anti-twisting kevlar yarns integrated within it to facilitate tensile load, acceleration and reeling speeds, with up to 200m/min horizontal and 150m/min vertical in reeling applications and up to 200m/min in festoon systems. It is sheathed in halogen free polyurethane (PUR-HF).

PUR-HF Trailing Cable Sizes

Available in 3-core, 4-core and 5-core configurations, this trailing cable is supplied in core cross-sectional area sizes of 10mm2 to 35mm2. Where additional cable sizes are required, or electrical characteristics are needed for cable selection, please speak to the team.

It can be considered as part of our festoon cable range and in the same broader category as our NSHTOU drum reeling cables. For domestic and commercial lift cables (elevator) please see our Elevator Flatform cables or speak to our team for other suitable products. Where in doubt, please speak to our technical team for advice on loads and applications.


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Construction Table

  PUR-HF Lift Trailing Cable CS PUR-HF Lift Trailing Cable



Class 5 or Class 6 flexible stranded Copper


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


Central strength member, cores in concentric layers


PUR-HF (Polyurethane Halogen Free Flame Retardant)


Anti-twist aramid yarns


PUR-HF (Polyurethane Halogen Free Flame Retardant)

Lift Trailing Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04010OR410mm²Orange
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04016OR416mm²Orange
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04025OR425mm²Orange
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04035OR435mm²Orange
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL05010OR510mm²Orange
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL05016OR516mm²Orange
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL05025OR525mm²Orange
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04010BK410mm²Black
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04016BK416mm²Black
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04025BK425mm²Black
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04035BK435mm²Black
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL05010BK510mm²Black
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL05016BK516mm²Black
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL05025BK525mm²Black
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL05025BK525mm²Black
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04010YW410mm²Yellow
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04016YW416mm²Yellow
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04025YW425mm²Yellow
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL04035YW435mm²Yellow
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL05010YW510mm²Yellow
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL05016YW516mm²Yellow
PUR-HF Lift Trailing CableB7HL05025YW525mm²Yellow