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(H)07RC4N8-F Cable

The (H)07RC4N8-F cable is a European harmonised standard cable for heavy industrial applications under high mechanical and chemical stresses such as internal cranes and gantries. They are suitable for use in humid and moist installations in an operating temperature ranging between -35oC to +80oC..

The (H)07RC4N8-F cable is sheathed in a flexible but robust rubber compound that provides for good resistance to oils, chemical agents, acids and ozone. With its copper wire and tape braided screen it also offers EMC protection, permitting uninterrupted electrical signals to transfer along the cable even when sited close to power cables emitting electromagnetic disturbance.

The (H)07RC4N8-F cable complements our portfolio of crane cables, including the YSLTOE 300/500V, (N)GRDGOU Cable, and NSHTOU drum reeling cables. For support with specification or for further technical advice, contact our team for more information.

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Construction Table

  H07RC4N8-F Cable CS (H)07RC4N8-F Cable



Class 5 fine stranded flexible Copper






TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid) - 70% coverage


Rubber compound

(H)07RC4N8-F Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J020015BK 2 1.5 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J020025BK 2 2.5 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J020040BK 2 4 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J020060BK 2 6 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J02010BK 2 10 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J02016BK 2 16 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J030015BK 3 1.5 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J030025BK 3 2.5 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J030040BK 3 4 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J030060BK 3 6 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J03010BK 3 10 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J03016BK 3 16 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J040015BK 4 1.5 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J040025BK 4 2.5 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J040040BK 4 4 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J040060BK 4 6 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J04010BK 4 10 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J04016BK 4 16 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J050015BK 5 1.5 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J050025BK 5 2.5 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J070015BK 7 1.5 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J070025BK 7 2.5 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J120015BK 12 1.5 Black
(H)07RC4N8-F Cable B3J120025BK 12 2.5 Black