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The NGFLGÖU Cables and NGFLCGÖU Cables are flat wires, designed for use as trailing cables in festoon cranes and gantries, in machine tooling, and in automation applications such as conveyors, trolleys and machine tools. An industrial cable, they are used across industries as diverse as food & beverage and mining.

NGFLGÖU and NGFLCGÖU Cable Specification

Rated 300/500V, the NGFLGÖU cable (also spelled NGFLGOEU) and NGFLCGÖU cable are designed for applications where the cable is subject to bending and medium mechanical loads on a single plane. The flat configuration is space-saving, allowing for compact designs, with the multiple cores black with white numbering plus a green/yellow earth core.

These cables are robust and flexible, with the Class 6 extra fine flexible copper conductors, insulated in Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) and a Chloroprene Rubber sheathing. Chloroprene Rubber is the generic material name for the better known brand of NeopreneTM - a material that offers protection in dry, humid and wet environments.

The cables are suitable for operating temperatures of -40oC to +90oC (fixed) and -35oC to +90oC (moving). They are available from 4 cores (sizes 1.5mm2 to 240mm2) and up to 24 cores, with all details on the attached technical datasheets.

The NGFLCGÖU cable also benefits from a tinned copper wire braid to provide electromagnetic protection (EMC). 

The NGFLGÖU and NGFLCGÖU cables are part of our extended industrial automation range, with crane and festoon cables including (N)GRDGOU cable. Where support with cable selection is required, or any additional information is required, please speak to the team.

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Construction Table

  NGFLGOEU Cross Section NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon Cable Cross Section Ngflcgou 2 NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon Cable



Class 6 extra fine stranded Copper

to 25mm2: Class 6 extra fine stranded Copper over 25mm2: Class 5 flexible stranded Copper


EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber)


TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid)


CP Rubber (Chloroprene)

CR Rubber (Chloroprene Rubber)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N040015BK41.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N040025BK42.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N040040BK44Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N040060BK46Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N04010BK410Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N04016BK416Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N04025BK425Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N04035BK435Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N04050BK450Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N04070BK470Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N04095BK495Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N04120BK4120Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N050015BK51.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N050025BK52.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N050040BK54Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N050060BK56Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N05010BK510Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N05016BK516Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N05025BK525Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N070015BK71.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N070025BK72.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N070040BK74Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N070060BK76Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N07025BK725Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N07035BK735Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N080015BK81.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N080025BK82.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N100015BK101.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N100025BK102.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N120015BK121.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N120025BK122.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N160015BK161.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N240015BK241.5Black
NGFLGÖU Flat Wire Festoon CableB6N240025BK242.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F04001541.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F04002542.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F04004044Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F04006046Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F04010410Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F04016416Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F04025425Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F04035435Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F04050450Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F04070470Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F04095495Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F041204120Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F05001551.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F05002552.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F05004054Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F05006056Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F05010510Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F05016516Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F05025525Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F07001571.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F07002572.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F07004074Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F07006076Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F07010710Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F07025725Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F08001581.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F08002582.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F07035835Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F100015101.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F120015121.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F120025122.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F240015241.5Black
NGFLCGÖU Flat Festoon CableB7F240025242.5Black