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EV Charging Cable

The 350kW rapid chargepoint network is being rolled out across the UK and Europe at motorway service stations, garage forecourts and other high traffic locations, allowing electric vehicle owners to recharge their batteries in a mere 20 minutes. These charging units call for a cable capable of delivering a higher DC load; Eland Cables has developed an EV Charging cable offering and improved DC Voltage rating (1.8/1.8 (1.8)kV Uo/U (Um) and 9.6kV DC Test Voltage) making it ideally suited to such high-powered charging equipment. With their single core construction they are commonly used instead of Coil End Lead, BS5467 AWA single core, and NYY cables

Our solution for 350kW Electric vehicle charging cable has already been adopted by major players in the EV market - both vehicle manufacturers and chargepoint installers – with our customised approach drawing on our wealth of experience across European and international standards.

Eland also stock a broad range of cables to support standard domestic/industrial units and public installations, including trickle, fast and rapid chargers. To view the extended range see our EV industry page.


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Starting from our customers’ specific requirements to and from the EV charging station, we provide technical support and advice covering the technical design, including cable conductors, insulation, mechanical protection and outer sheath requirements (eg. UV-resistant, oil-resistant, high temperature rating). We also offer technical support with the design of the various components including EV charging cable connectors and their assembly to offer plug-&-play solutions. Our EV charging cable solutions include comprehensive testing by our Cable Lab for quality assurance and reliable logistical solutions allowing our customers to rely on just-in-time deliveries of pre-cut cable lengths with or without connectors.

End-to-end EV Cable Solutions - from Grid to Car

Our experience covers the entire EV power distribution spectrum from the supply of DNO-approved cables to distribution network operators and their contractors to EV charging station network specialists Please contact our technical engineers to discuss your specific EV charging project requirements and to share insights on this fast growing cable application. Additionally, we regularly support OEMs with the manufacturer of charge point equipment and their associated integrated cables, and with EV car connections - the final link to plug the car in.

EV Customised Solutions

Over the years, Eland Cables has developed high end customised cable solutions for a wide range of relevant industries including railway infrastructure, renewable energy and distribution & power networks. We even collaborated with Brunel University, The Welding Institute and Enertechnos on a leading edge Innovate UK funded project to efficiently distribute electricity over long distances. Our innovative and customer-centric approach combined with the deep technical expertise makes us the partner of choice for organisations seeking to develop technologically advanced EV charging solutions, including EV charging cable connectors and other components for EVs such as powertrain cables, capable of large scale deployment.

For more information on cables for rapid chargepoints, or for technical support including compliance with BS7671:2018 Section 722 and the 2020 amendment, please get in touch with our Technical Hotline on +44 (0)20 7241 8500.

Construction Table

  EV-Charge Electric Vehicle Cable CS EV Charging Cable

AC: 0.6/1 (1.2)kV
DC: 1.8/1.8 (1.8)kV


Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


Elastomeric Mixture


Non-Fibrous, Non Hygroscopic


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

EV Charging Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
EV Charging Cable B2E010040GR 1 4 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E010040GR 1 6 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01010GR 1 10 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01016GR 1 16 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01025GR 1 25 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01035GR 1 35 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01050GR 1 50 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01070GR 1 70 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01095GR 1 95 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01120GR 1 120 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01150GR 1 150 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01185GR 1 185 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01240GR 1 240 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01300GR 1 300 Grey
EV Charging Cable B2E01400GR 1 400 Grey