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8.7/15Kv Cables

8.7/15kV is classified under Medium Voltage, supporting heavy-duty equipment power and MV distribution on sites.

8.7/15kV Cables

15kV is a voltage commonly specified for robust Mining equipment cables, manufactured in accordance with IEC 60502-2, but is also associated with British standard armoured cables. Whilst mining cables may be sheathed in a robust Rubber to provide abrasion resistance, especially for trailing applications, the BS6622 and BS7835 standard cables are instead sheathed in PVC or LSZH materials, with mechanical protection provided from a layer of steel wire armouring.

As a British standard voltage, 8.7/15kV isn't as commonly specified as 11kV or 33kV, but will depend on the application demands. As illustrated in some of the linked cables, additional elements including fibre optics, anti-torsion braids can be included in the construction, and sheathing materials suitable for submersion also specified.

All Medium voltage cables, 15kV included, will include a Copper wire screen and/or a layer or copper tape for equalising purposes. This is regardless of whether they have armour or not. These screens provide a route to earth in the event of a fault current or insulation failure, taking a substantial proportion of the total fault current and providing a return path for the cable neutral. Where it has been earthed at both ends of the cable is can also provide EMC electromagnetic protection.

8.7/15kV Cable Support

For guidance on the specific electrical characteristics and implications for your specific installation conditions, please speak to our Technical team. Advice on suitable cable accessories and appropriate sizing can also be provided.

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