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NA2XSH / NA2XS(F)H / NA2XS(FL)H 12/20kV Cable

The NA2XSH medium voltage cable, along with the multicore variants designated NA2XSEH, are low smoke zero halogen insulated and sheathed cables. Increasingly European projects are specifying MV cables that run from outside to in without jointing (as opposed to terminating externally) and with that the need exists for a cable with the fire protection properties of an LSZH cable. The NA2XSH and its variants are CPR compliant.

NA2XSH cable specification

NA2XSH cables are the aluminium conductor equivalent of the N2XSH 12/20kV cables, typically selected where space constraints in installation are not a consideration, as aluminium cables are significantly larger than the equivalent current carrying capacity sized copper cables.

Like these copper cables, the NA2XSH 12/20kV cable is also available with additional waterblocking layers, either single - NA2XS(F)H - or dual - NA2XS(FL)H. This provides a longitudinal and radial layer of protection for the conductor in the event that the cables are installed in places subject to intermittent flooding or waterlogging, such as cable ducts. As a European standard MV cable, the NA2XSH can also be buried direct in the ground without the provision of additional protection (where appropriate under any prevailing building and wiring regulations).

NA2XSH cable voltages

Predominantly this cable is specified with a voltage rating of 12/20kV. The NA2XSH cable is also available in other voltage ratings, including 6/10kV and 18/30kV. Please request this information if required.

NA2XSH cable datasheets

The choice of NA2XSH cables versus N2XSH may be appropriate if the installation requires a lighter cable - our MV technical team can support with making that decision. Similarly, they can advise if a alternate sheathing material, NA2XSY for PVC or NA2XS2Y for PE, may be more suitable. In all cases, information on dimensions and electrical characteristics are available on the cable datasheets, whilst our technical experts can provide support from specification to installation, by phone and by email, providing advice, fast quotes and an express delivery, often directly from stock.


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Construction Table

  NA2XSY Cable CS NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV Cable NA2XSY Cable CS NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV Cable NA2XSY Cable CS NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV Cable



Class 2 stranded Aluminium


Semi-conductive material


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


Semi-conductive material


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)


Copper wires and Copper tape



Waterblocking tape

Dual layer: Waterblocking tape and water-swellable powders


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)


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Product name Part No Sheath colour Length (m)  
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1035RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1050RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1070RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1095RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1120RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1150RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1185RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1240RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1300RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1400RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1500RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV1630RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV3035RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV3050RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV3070RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV3095RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV3120RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV3150RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV3185RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV3240RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV3300RDCRed
NA2XSH / NA2XSEH 12/20kV CableC9XH20KV3400RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1035RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1050RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1070RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1095RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1120RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1150RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1185RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1240RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1300RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1400RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1500RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV1630RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV3035RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV3050RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV3070RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV3095RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV3120RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV3150RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV3185RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV3240RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV3300RDCRed
NA2XS(F)H / NA2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableC9XHF20KV3400RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1035RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1050RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1070RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1095RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1120RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1150RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1185RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1240RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1300RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1400RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1500RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV1630RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV3035RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV3050RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV3070RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV3095RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV3120RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV3150RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV3185RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV3240RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV3300RDCRed
NA2XS(FL)H / NA2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableC9XHL20KV3400RDCRed