High Voltage Cable


Applications Overview

Eland Cables supplies a comprehensive range of British, European and International standard High Voltage (HV) cable. We also provide customised HV cable solutions designed around the applications and the project specific requirements. This may require unusual quantities or lengths, short production lead-times and/or technically challenging constructions.

Our standard high voltage cables, which include 2XS(F)2Y, 2XS(FL)2Y, A2XS(F)2Y and A2XS(FL)2Y are designed for the primary distribution of power up to a maximum network and triple extruded to the latest IEC standards using proprietary materials on modern catenary line equipment. They are suitable for installations providing mechanical protection to the cable. Waterblocking tape options help ensure that should the cable be damaged, the repair lengths and associated works are kept to a minimum. A high density polyethylene (HDPE) is used as standard and offers a compromise between abrasion resistance and flexibility, however various other options are available on request.
High voltage cable

Standard High Voltage Portfolio
2XS(F)2Y / 2XS(FL)2Y / A2XS(F)2Y / A2XS(FL)2Y

Our standard HV portfolio includes the following 123kV:

  2XS(F)2Y / 2XS(FL)2Y* A2XS(F)2Y / A2XS(FL)2Y*
Conductor (Class 2) Copper Aluminium
Conductor screen Extruded semi-conductive cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)
Insulation XLPE
Insulation screen Extruded semi-conductive cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)
Insulation screen Water-swellable semi-conductive tape
Screen Copper wire screen
Separator Water-swellable tape
Outersheath HDPE (various options available)
* the 2XS(FL)2Y and the A2XS(FL)2Y contain an aluminium or copper tape with copolymer acting as a moisture barrier.

High voltage cable technical support

We supply high voltage cables with various alternative constructions and voltage ratings. Please contact our technical engineers to discuss your application and your project's specific requirements.

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Cable Standards and Approvals

High Voltage / 2XS(F)2Y, A2XS(F)2Y 123kV Power Cable
IEC 60840, HRN HD 632

High Voltage / 2XS(FL)2Y, A2XS(FL)2Y 123kV Power Cable
IEC 60840, HRN HD 632

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