Polyethylene Cables 2

PE Cable

Polyethylene sheathed cables offer good resistance to oils, water, chemicals and abrasions making them commonly specified in heavy industry.

PE sheathed MV cable

This thermoplastic material is referred to as PE, or occasionally the more specific compounds MDPE (medium density polyethylene) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene), and can be found on low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage cables owing to its high dielectric strength.

Commonly specified for external applications, PE cables can sit in cable ducts including those that become waterlogged. Medium Voltage cables with PE sheathing are often available with additional waterblocking layers to provide additional protection in these circumstances. Direct burial is also applicable as an installation method when deemed appropriate under prevailing Wiring Regulations. When applied to instrumentation and data cables, the PE sheathing often sees the cables referred to as 'duct grade'. Cables are usually black in colour and are UV resistant, although this should be confirmed against individual technical datasheets if specifically required or in a location where cables are subject to elevated solar temperatures.

Polyethylene's advantages as a cable sheathing material must be balanced by it's performance in the event of fire. When burned it emits thick smoke and halogen gases and may fail to self-extinguish within the parameters of the vertical flame test. If required for internal installation in a location requiring CPR compliance, please speak to our technical team who can support with specification.

Commonly specified PE cables

  Application overview
A2XS(F)2Y, A2XS(FL)2Y 123kV overhead line wiring (and copper equivalents)
N2XS2Y Copper 10kV, 20kV and 30kV MV cables also available with waterblocking
NA2XS2Y Aluminium 10kV, 20kV, 30kV MV cables also with waterblocking
BS6622 MDPE 11kV armoured cable
NY2Y 1kV copper conductor fixed wiring
NAY2Y 1kV aluminium conductor fixed wiring
Cat 6 FTP PE  Local Area Network connection cable for external use
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