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VDE0812 Cable

VDE 0812 standard cables are used in electronic control system connections, voice frequency transmission, and signal and communications in fixed applications.

VDE0815 Cable

Issued by Germany under their VDE national cable standards in 1988, VDE 0812 contains the specifications for equipment wires and stranded equipment wires used within telecoms and data processing systems. 

The scope of VDE 0812 covers popular European alternatives to American style data and control cables with cores twisted into pairs to reduce cross talk. An overall tinned copper wire braid screen in the case of CY cables, further reduces electromagnetic interference.

Cables manufactured in accordance with VDE 0812 are flexible and suitable for installation in dry and humid rooms, and can be used as a termination and connection cable in the control, measuring and signal technology. These cables are not suitable for power supply or for direct burial. They are widely used in fixed installations or installation requiring occasional movement and flexibility. They are ideally suited for use in confined spaces.

This standard is issued by the DIN and VDE certification bodies.

Equipment Wire of Telecommunications and Data Processing Systems to VDE 0812

As a leading telecommunications industry cable supplier, Eland Cables’ portfolio includes a number of cables manufactured in accordance with VDE 0812. This includes the LiYCY cable and the LiYY cable, two flame retardant screened signal and data transmission cables for indoor applications.

Technical Support with VDE 0812 Cable Selection

Our technical engineers have vast experience of advising on cables manufactured in accordance with VDE 0812. In addition to helping you select the right one for your specific application, they can suggest alternative telecommunications cable manufactured in accordance with other international standards. They can also provide you with a customised cable solution encompassing the design and manufacture of a bespoke cable.


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