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IEC61158 Cable

The International Electrotechnical Commission’s IEC 61158 standard covers digital data communications for measurement and control. It has been developed for industrial computer network protocols offering real-time distributed control.


This series of standards set out the protocols for the interconnection of automation and process control system components by fieldbus network systems in manufacturing plants. The systems allow development of protocol hierarchies, linking Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) into Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) through to sensors, actuators, electric motors and switches.
Commonly known as Fieldbus systems, the standard covers the BUS cables required to connect process control systems operating in environments with increased temperatures and humidity, and under mechanical stress from vibration. Cables manufactured according to IEC 61158 for data exchange and process control allow for one controller-level communication point to connect with multiple (ranging into the hundreds) of digital or analogue receiver points. IEC 61158 cables are shielded generally with an Aluminium Polyester Tape and with a tinned copper wire braid (TCWB) or steel wire armour (SWA) to offer protection from cross-talk and electromagnetic interference.

IEC 61158 Protocols

The standard defines the 'Types' of protocols covered:
Protocol Type Reference
Type 1 Foundation Fieldbus cables H1 & H2
Type 2 ControlNet cables
Type 3 Profibus cables
Type 4 P-Net
Type 5 Foundation Fieldbus HSE
Type 6 SwiftNet (now withdrawn)
Type 7 WorldFIP
Type 8 Interbus

Eland Cables supplies a comprehensive fieldbus range for industrial control systems, including DeviceNet Thick cables, Fieldbus Foundation cables, Hart (BUS) cables and Profibus cables. Please contact our technical engineers for support with systems design and cable selection.
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