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VDE0815 Cable

Germany’s VDE 0815 standard contains specifications for wiring cables designed for telecommunications and data processing systems in indoor residential telecommunications installations.

VDE0815 Cable

It is issued by the certifications bodies VDE and DIN under the banner of the DKE, the German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies.

The scope of VDE 0815 specifically covers indoor telephone cables transmitting analogue or digital signals; aluminium-laminated plastic foil static screen with tin-plated drain wire minimising the interference of high frequency, electromagnetic fields; and decoupling of circuits by means of twisted-pair (TP) design (crosstalk effects). Part 1 of VDE 0815 standard covers unscreened cables and Part 2 covers screened cables.

VDE 0815 was developed for internal telecoms installations for commercial applications, in offices and factories, and is widely referred to throughout Europe. The transmission of analogue and digital signals using cables manufactured to VDE0815 specifications result in lower losses (also known as lower attenuation levels) equivalent function British Standard telecoms cables such as the CW1308 when travelling over distances. This is a result of the larger conductor sizes specified by VDE 0815. The use of a screen in the cable’s construction further reduces signal interference. 

Telecommunications cables manufactured to VDE 0815

As a leading telecommunication industry cable supplier, our portfolio includes cables manufactured in accordance with VDE 0815, including the widely used J-Y(st)Y, a screened data and signal transmission cable, often referred to as twisted pair telecom cable. Originally developed for offices and factories installations, J-Y(St)Y meets the requirements of German telecom installers and many of their European counterparts. Its foil screen greatly reduces electromagnetic interference, as a result of which it is often used in applications such as security, agriculture, intercom and even bus systems. Manufactured with a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) insulation and sheathing, VDE 0815 specifies this cable as being suitable for use in commercial properties despite not having low smoke zero halogen properties.

Please contact our technical engineers for technical support with the selection of VDE 0815 telecoms cable and other VDE-approved cables to suit your specific application.

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VDE0815 Cable

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