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BS EN 50288 Cable

BS EN 50288 Cable

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Multi-element metallic cables used in analogue and digital communication and control, manufactured in accordance with British Standard BS EN 50288 and European Standard EN 50288.

Instrumentation cables manufactured in accordance with BS EN 50288 are widely used in processing plants such as those found in the petrochemical industry due to their ability to withstand electromagnetic interference. They are used for the transmission of signals in instrumentation, control and communication applications.

BS EN 50288 covers the following range of cables:

RE-2X(st)H cable XLPE insulated and LSZH sheathed
RE-2X(st)Y cable XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed
RE-2Y(st)Y cable PE insulated and PVC sheathed

The above cables are generally supplied in a number of variants according to their specific applications. These include collectively screened multi-core or multi-pair, collectively and individually screened pairs in metal foil (PiMF) and collectively and individually screened triple in metal foil (TiMF). They are also available as collectively screened – collective aluminium mylar (CAM) or individually and collectively screened (ICAM).

Some cables manufactured in accordance with BS EN 50288 are suitable for use in intrinsically safe systems, in which case their outer sheath is blue.

Part 1 of BS EN 50288 covers the generic specification of multi-element metallic cables used in analogue and digital communication and control. These cables are generally used for instrumentation, inter-connection of equipment and information technology cabling applications. Part 7 of this same standard sets out the sectional specification for instrumentation and control cables.

This European Standard was approved by CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) and its members are bound by agreement to give it the status of national standard.
BS EN 50288 Part 1 - cable construction
Conductor Solid or stranded copper
Insulation Various - to meet the electrical and environmental requirements of the application
(cabling elements + cable core)
When required, one of any combination of:
- Metal tape
- Metal tape laminated to a plastic tape
- Plain or coated metal braid
- Helical wrap or parallel copper wires
- Semi-conducting layer
Filling compounds Water swellable tape, water swellable non-toxic powder or combination of materials are allowed
Interstitial fillers Non-hygroscopic material
Moisture barrier Metallic foil allowed
Inner sheath Materials to meet requirements of EN 50290-2
Metallic protection One or more of the following:
- Galvanised steel wires
- Steel or brass tapes
- Galvanised steel or tinned copper wire braid
Outersheath As per insulation

BS EN 50288 cable

BS EN 50288 Part 7 - cable construction

Conductor Solid, stranded or flexible plain or metal coated copper (Class 1, 2 or 5)*
Insulation PVC, PE or XLPE
Cores Pair (twisted) triple (twisted) quad (twisted)
Twisting Lay length clearly defined; depending on conductor size and element; between 100 and 150mm
Individual pair screens Laminated tape aluminium/PET total thickness 24µm
Drain wire Solid tinned copper drain wire 0.6mm Ø, under individual screen
Collective screen Collective screen (24µm aluminium/PET) tape + 7 stranded tinned copper drain wire (0.5mm2); overlap of foil min 20%; drain wire in direct contact with metallic side of the foil wrapping layer of tape under collective screen
Inner Sheath PVC, PE or LSZH
Metal braid tinned copper wires (C) wire diameter ≥0.3mm filling factor ≥0.57mm
Armouring SWA, Flat steel wires with counter helix, Steel or Brass Tape
OuterSheath PVC, PE or LSZH
*Except for thermocouple extension and compensating cables.

Part 7 covers the specification for multi-element cables suitable for connecting instruments and control systems for analogue or digital signal transmission. These instrumentation cables are available in different variants including screen and armour to offer electrical, mechanical, transmission and environmental performance characteristics relevant to the specific application.

We offer a wide range of instrumentation cables manufactured in accordance with British Standard BS EN 50288, including armoured and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) sheathing variants.
Specifying BS EN 50288-7 cables
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