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Electrical cables with extruded solid dielectric insulation for fixed installation (300/500V to 1.9/3.3kV) Part 4: XLPE distribution cables

South African Standards Bureau (SABS) SANS 1507 promotes quality and conformity in electrical cables designed for fixed installation with extruded solid dielectric insulation and a voltage rating of between 300/500V and 1.9/3.3kV. These cables are commonly used for direct burial applications in installation environments with free-draining soil conditions. They can also be installed internally.

We supply cables manufactured in accordance to SANS 1507-3 and SANS 1507-4 as part of our wide range of PVC insulated and XLPE insulated cables. 


SANS 1507-1 (Part 1) General - note to purchasers, guidance on the verification of the quality of extruded solid dielectric insulated cables, and guidance on the installation of extruded solid dielectric insulated cables
SANS 1507-2 (Part 2) Wiring cables
SANS 1507-3 (Part 3) PVC distribution cables
SANS 1507-4 (Part 4) XLPE distribution cables
SANS 1507-5 (Part 5) Halogen-free distribution cables
SANS 1507-6 (Part 6) Service cables



Part 4 of this standard covers the cable operating voltage, materials and constructions, electrical requirements for finished cables, additional requirements for fire retardant cables and compatibility of compounds.

We also supply low smoke zero halogen cables manufactured in accordance with SANS 1507 Part 5.


Please contact us to discuss your project requirements and for advice on selecting cables manufactured to SANS 1507 or to other national standards. Our portfolio of XLPE SANS standard cables includes our flexible mining cable range to SANS 1520.

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