BUS Cables

BUS Cable

Our BUS cables, also referred to as profibus, devicenet and profinet, are specifically designed for the cabling of industrial fieldbus systems and industrial Ethernet.

Profibus Devicenet and Profinet Cable

These cables’ high-speed data transmission capabilities make them ideal for use in automation and process control applications, where standard data cables are not sufficient. Our BUS cables are available with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) sheathing.

BUS cable Applications

We have a wide range of cables to suit every data transmission requirement including CAN BUS (Controller Area Network) applications. BUS cables are often referred to as industrial ethernet cable.

BUS Cable Applications
Profibus Industrial fieldbus for fast-connect-type systems. Available as Profibus PA and Profibus DP, in PVC and LSZH
Profinet Industrial Ethernet cables available as Type A with LSZH sheathing and PUR sheathing for Type B applications
KNX/EIB For European installations in KNX systems by KONNEX, used for OSI network protocols in 'green' building systems. Flame Retardant, Non-Corrosive LSZH sheathing (FRNC-LSZH)
DeviceNet Combined power and data pairs with individual and overall screen for use in DeviceNet systems. LSZH sheathing and optional galvanised steel wire braid
DeviceNet Thick Backbone wiring trunk cables with combined data and power pairs with individual pair screens and overall tinned copper wire braid. LSZH and PVC sheathing options
AS-I Actuator Sensor Interface cable for automated solution network protocols

Industrial ethernet cable specifications

Our technical experts can assist with the specification of the most appropriate BUS cable for your data transmission application and provide full technical PDFs for our extended range of cables. The cable conductor sizing is represented in mm2 and AWG - the American Wire Gauge chart converts AWG size into metric for quick comparison.

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