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NA2XH Cable

NA2XH cables with their Class 1 solid or Class 2 stranded Aluminium conductors is a lightweight alternative to the Copper N2XH cable. Insulated with XLPE and sheathed in a flame retardant LSZH compound, it has a rated voltage of 0.6/1kV.

NA2XH Cable Applications

The NA2XH cable is commonly specified across a number of industries, with power distribution applications in EV & e-Mobility, Renewable Energy, Battery Storage, and Data Centres to name a few. Manufactured in accordance with IEC 60502-1 standard, the cable is in use in fixed applications across EMEA.

Installations where people and/or sensitive equipment are present may specify NA2XH as the Low Smoke Zero Halogen sheathing has superior performance in the event of fire, emitting none of the toxic gases and dense smoke of PVC and other materials.


Core configurations for the NA2XH cable offer sectoral shaped conductors on larger cross-sectional conductor sizes. There is also variants of 3 cores plus reduced earth. Cables are available as standard as NA2XH-J with green/yellow earth, but can be specified as NA2XH-O (without green/yellow) on request.

Further information is available on the technical datasheet below, and additional support with specification is available by contacting the team. 


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Construction Table

  NA2XH Cable CS NA2XH Cable



Class 1 solid or Class 2 stranded Aluminium (circular / circular compacted / sectoral shaped)


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

NA2XH Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Type Sheath colour Length (m)  
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH1025125mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH1035135mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH1050150mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH1070170mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH1095195mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH11201120mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH11501150mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH11851185mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH12401240mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH13001300mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH14001400mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH15001500mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH16301630mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH18001800mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3016316mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3025RM325mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3035RM335mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3035SE335mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3050SM350mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3050SE350mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3070/35370+35mm²SM+SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3070SM370mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3070SE370mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3095SM395mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3095SE395mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3120/703120+70mm²SM+SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3120SM3120mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3120SE3120mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3150/703150+70mm²SM+SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3150SM3150mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3150SE3150mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3185/953185+95mm²SM+SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3185SM3185mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3185SE3185mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3240/1203240+120mm²SM+SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3240SM3240mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH3240SE3240mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4025425mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4035SM435mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4035SE435mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4050SM450mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4050SE450mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4070SM470mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4070SE470mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4095SM495mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4095SE495mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4120SM4120mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4120SE4120mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4150SM4150mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4150SE4150mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4185SM4185mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4185SE4185mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4240SM4240mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH4240SE4240mm²SEBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH5025525mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH5035535mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH5050550mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH5070570mm²RMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH5095595mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH51205120mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH51505150mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH51855185mm²SMBlack
NA2XH CableA5NA2XH52405240mm²SMBlack