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N2XSH / N2XS(F)H / N2XS(FL)H 12/20kV Cables

Our Medium Voltage cable portfolio includes the N2SXH Low Smoke Zero Halogen 20kV cable, a UV-resistant cable available with optional single and dual waterblocking layers, holding CPR classification. This combination of LSZH insulation and sheathing with constructional layers that are more typically found on the N2XSY PVC and N2XS2Y PE cables gives N2XSH, N2XS(F)H and N2XS(FL)H cables the flexibility to be installed both internally or externally. In practice, this means they can be run from outside to inside in a CPR compliant installation without the need to joint or change cables at the point of entry. 

N2XSH cable specification

These power distribution cables are used for private grid networks across a wide range of industries including data centres and life sciences new build sites. They are available as either single core or three core variants (where the multicore is referred to as N2XSEH, N2XSE(F)H and N2XSE(FL)H and where the individual cores are screened). 

They are more likely to be installed in cable ducts to provide them with additional mechanical protection, where the (F) and (FL) versions are particularly important in the event that the ducts are likely to become waterlogged. The single and dual waterblocked layers are commonly a water-swellable tape and an additional water-swellable powder, unless destined for clean environments where powder-free cable construction is stipulated and when two tapes are used. These additional layers prevent any ingress of water from reaching the insulation layer and potentially impeding the performance of the underlying conductor. 

N2XSH cable voltage rating

Cable datasheets are provided as standard for N2XSH cables with a voltage rating of 12/20kV. N2XSH cables are designed with the European market in mind, where fixed installation and direct burial cables can be unarmoured (unlike the BS6622 and BS7835) and they are often for the connection of critical infrastructure and equipment. Where other voltages are required, please speak to the team and they will be happy to provide the datasheets and information needed.


Additionally, the N2XSH, N2XS(F)H and N2XS(FL)H is available in other voltage ratings, including 6/10kV and 18/30kV, upon request. 

N2XSH cable datasheet

The Eland Cables technical team can support the specification of this multi-purpose cable, advising on the suitability of the N2XSH or a the PVC and PE 12/20kV alternatives as determined by your precise installation environment. For dimensional details and electrical characteristics, please download the datasheet attached.

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Construction Table

  N2XSY Cable CS N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV Cable N2XSY Cable CS N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV Cable N2XSY Cable CS N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV Cable



Class 2 stranded copper


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


Copper wires and tape


Water-swellable tape

Layer 1 - Water-swellable tape Layer 2 - Water-swellable tape or powder


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1035RDC135Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1050RDC150Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1070RDC170Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1095RDC195Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1120RDC1120Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1150RDC1150Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1185RDC1185Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1240RDC1240Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1300RDC1300Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1400RDC1400Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1500RDC1500Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV1630RDC1630Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV3035RDC335Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV3050RDC350Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV3070RDC370Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV3095RDC395Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV3120RDC3120Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV3150RDC3150Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV3185RDC3185Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV3240RDC3240Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV3300RDC3300Red
N2XSH / N2XSEH 12/20kV CableA9XH20KV3400RDC3400Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1035RDC135Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1050RDC150Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1070RDC170Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1095RDC195Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1120RDC1120Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1150RDC1150Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1185RDC1185Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1240RDC1240Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1300RDC1300Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1400RDC1400Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1500RDC1500Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV1630RDC1630Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV3035RDC335Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV3050RDC350Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV3070RDC370Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV3095RDC395Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV3120RDC3120Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV3150RDC3150Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV3185RDC3185Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV3240RDC3240Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV3300RDC3300Red
N2XS(F)H / N2XSE(F)H 12/20kV CableA9XHF20KV3400RDC3400Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1035RDC135Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1050RDC150Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1070RDC170Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1095RDC195Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1120RDC1120Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1150RDC1150Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1185RDC1185Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1240RDC1240Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1300RDC1300Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1400RDC1400Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1500RDC1500Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV1630RDC1630Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV3035RDC335Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV3050RDC350Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV3070RDC370Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV3095RDC395Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV3120RDC3120Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV3150RDC3150Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV3185RDC3185Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV3240RDC3240Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV3300RDC3300Red
N2XS(FL)H / N2XSE(FL)H 12/20kV CableA9XHL20KV3400RDC3400Red