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Fire Performance Cable

fire performance firetec cable
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We supply a full range of Fire Performance cables (also referred to as Fire Survival cables, Fire Resistant cables, FP cables, or simply Fire Cables) with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) properties when subjected to flames. This includes Firetec-branded ‘Standard’ and ’Enhanced’ cables manufactured in the United Kingdom in accordance with British Standards BS7629, BS7846 and BS6387 CWZ PH120. These are BASEC-approved, hold LPCB-certification and form part of the London Underground Limited (LUL) approved product list.
Our Firetec cables, which are suitable for use within a number of Control Circuit categories, are specifically designed for augmented fire performance in applications including the delivery of power and auxiliary control in fire alarm systems, emergency lighting systems and voice alarm systems. For added protection against the risk of mechanical damage, we supply robust Firetec 'Power' and 'Impact Power' cables, both of which are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The 'Impact Power' is designed to withstand direct impact and water jet pressure. For additional flexibility, we supply FRF2 cable, a cable suitable to withstand the vibration and to bend around complex corners as found in environments such as the London Underground. Firetec all have an operating temperature ranging between -10oC and +90oC with the exception of the FRF2, which can operate in temperatures as low as -25oC.

Other cables in our fire performance range include Mineral-Insulated (MI) cables, designed to offer the ultimate fire resistance and good protection against electromagnetic interference. These cables are manufactured without any plastic insulation and provide circuit integrity up to 950oC. They are also available with LSZH oversheathing with various colour options. These cables are principally used within hazardous and explosive environments or where corrosive chemicals may affect performance. The LSZH insulated cables hold LPCB-approval. Those without polymer oversheathing have ATEX approval and comply with the EU directives on working within hazardous or explosive environments.

We also supply fire safety cables manufactured in accordance with the European Standard BS EN 50266-2-4 and VDE-approved.

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