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European Comms Cables

These European Communications Cables - J-Y(St)Y (PVC), J-H(st)H (flame Retardant Non-Corrosive LSZH) and JE-H(st)H FE180-E30 (LSZH fire performance) Screened Telephone Cables - are for use in telecommunications systems with a voltage rating of 300V for the analogue and digital transmission of data and signals. These telephone cables are manufactured in accordance with Standard VDE 0815, making them particularly suitable for use by German telecoms installers and their counterparts across many parts of Europe.

The cables is suitable for fixed indoor installations within dry and damp premises, under or on plaster but not for laying in ground or in water.

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J-Y(st)Y Cable 

The J-Y(ST)Y cable has a screen of Duplex tape and drain wire to reduce electrostatic interference both to and from the cable. The larger conductor sizes than the British CW1308 results in lower losses and therefore superior performance. 

The Low Smoke Halogen Free versions of the cable, J-H(st)H FRNC, offer a suitable alternative for installations in public buildings and areas of high population density as well as areas with sensitive equipment that could be damaged in the event of fire

J-H(st)H FRNC Cable

A European communications cable capable of maintaining circuit integrity and operations during fire conditions is also available, known by the designation JE-H(st)H FE180-E30, providing fire resistance for 180 minutes and circuit integrity for 30 minutes.

European communication cable selection

Please contact our technical engineers for support with the selection of telephone cable and other telecoms industry cables manufactured to German, British and other national standards.

Construction Table

  JYstY Screened European Telephone Cable CS J-Y(St)Y Cable JHstH FRNC Telephone Cable CS J-H(st)H FRNC JEHstH Cable CS JE-H(st)H FE180-E30




Class 1 Solid Copper

Class 1 Solid Tinned Copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Flame Retardant Non-Corrosive Compound


Duplex Tape and Drain Wire

Plastic Coated Aluminium Foil



Solid Copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Flame Retardant Non-Corrosive Compound

European Comms Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Pairs Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J10006 n/a 1 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J10008 n/a 1 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J20006 n/a 2 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J20008 n/a 2 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J30006 n/a 3 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J30008 n/a 3 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J40006 n/a 4 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J40008 n/a 4 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J50006 n/a 5 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J50008 n/a 5 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J60006 n/a 6 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J60008 n/a 6 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J80006 n/a 8 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J80008 n/a 8 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J100006 n/a 10 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J100008 n/a 10 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J120006 n/a 12 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J120008 n/a 12 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J160006 n/a 16 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J160008 n/a 16 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J200006 n/a 20 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J200008 n/a 20 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J500006 n/a 50 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J500008 n/a 50 0.8 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J1000006 n/a 100 0.6 Grey
J-Y(St)Y Cable A9J1000008 n/a 100 0.8 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T0200006GR n/a 2 0.6 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T0200008GR n/a 2 0.8 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T0400006GR n/a 4 0.6 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T0400008GR n/a 4 0.8 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T0600006GR n/a 6 0.6 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T0600008GR n/a 6 0.8 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T1000006GR n/a 10 0.6 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T1000008GR n/a 10 0.8 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T2000006GR n/a 20 0.6 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T2000008GR n/a 20 0.8 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T3000006GR n/a 30 0.6 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T3000008GR n/a 30 0.8 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T4000006GR n/a 40 0.6 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T4000008GR n/a 40 0.8 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T5000006GR n/a 50 0.6 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T5000008GR n/a 50 0.8 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T6000006GR n/a 60 0.6 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T6000008GR n/a 60 0.8 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T8000006GR n/a 80 0.6 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T8000008GR n/a 80 0.8 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T10000006GR n/a 100 0.6 Grey
J-H(st)H FRNC B8T10000008GR n/a 100 0.8 Grey
JE-H(st)H FE180-E30 B8F0200008OR 2 n/a 0.8 Orange
JE-H(st)H FE180-E30 B8F0400008OR 4 n/a 0.8 Orange
JE-H(st)H FE180-E30 B8F0800008OR 8 n/a 0.8 Orange
JE-H(st)H FE180-E30 B8F1200008OR 12 n/a 0.8 Orange
JE-H(st)H FE180-E30 B8F1600008OR 16 n/a 0.8 Orange
JE-H(st)H FE180-E30 B8F2000008OR 20 n/a 0.8 Orange
JE-H(st)H FE180-E30 B8F3200008OR 32 n/a 0.8 Orange
JE-H(st)H FE180-E30 B8F4000008OR 40 n/a 0.8 Orange
JE-H(st)H FE180-E30 B8F5200008OR 52 n/a 0.8 Orange