Tri-rated (UL/CSA/BS) cable - H05V2-K / H07V2-K


Applications Overview

Tri-Rated cable (also known as control panel wire or switchgear cable) derives its name from meeting the specifications of three separate standard-setting bodies – the British Standards Institute (BSi), the Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) Appliance Wiring Materials (AWM), and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) - hence making it tri-rated. This cable's triple rating makes it highly sought-after around the world as the triple certification of these cables enables their use in the North American markets as well as the European ones, which can result in a leaner and more flexible equipment manufacturing process.

As a flexible (Class 5) high temperature, flame-retardant single core and single insulated cable with heat resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheathing, tri-rated cable is designed and manufactured to be used in the wiring of electrical cabinets, switch control, relay and instrumentation panels of power switchgear, and for internal connectors in rectifier equipment, motor starters and controllers. It is also designed for use inside small electrical devices. As a result, tri-rated cable has applications in most industries.
Eland Cables is a leading tri-rated cable supplier offering one of the most comprehensive range of sizes and colours in the industry. Our BS, CSA and UL-approved tri-rated cable is widely used by leading switchgear equipment manufacturers, and it features on some of the most prestigious lists of approved control panel wire and switchgear cable worldwide.

Tri rated wire BS6231 CSA 22.2 UL758 cable H05V2-K H07V2-K


British Standard Institute - British Standard BS6231 Type CK. This standard covers single core PVC insulated flexible electrical cables of rated voltage 600/1000V for switchgear and control gear wiring.

British Standard BS6231 Type CK specifications require this high temperature cable to operate at a maximum temperature of 90oC in continuous use, however tri-rated cable has a maximum operating temperature of 105oC in order to also comply with UL758 and CSA 22.2 No.210.

Tri-rated cable, manufactured to BS6231 Type CK, should not be confused with non-tri-rated cable manufactured to BS6231 Type BK which has a maximum conductor operating temperature of 70oC.

Canadian Standards Association - CSA 22.2 This standard specifies the requirement for flexible cords, elevator cables, and hoistway cables rated to a maximum of 600V.

UL 758 This standard specifies the requirements for flexible cords, elevator cables, electric vehicle cables, and hoistway cables rated up to 600V.

Tri-rated cables are recognised to UL style:
 - UL 1015: 30 AWG - 2000 kcmil
 - UL 1028: 22 AWG - 6 AWG
 - UL 1283: 8 AWG - 2 AWG
 - UL 1284: 8 AWG - 1000 kcmil


As BS6231 covers sizes up to a maximum of 240mm2, those cables with a size ranging up to 500mm2 which are covered under the specifications set by the CSA and UL are known as bi-rated cables.

H05V2-K / H07V2K CABLE

Under the pan-European harmonisation (HAR) scheme, tri-rated cable is referred to as H05V2-K for core sizes of 0.5mm2 up to 1.0mm2 and H07V2-K for core sizes from 1.5mm2 to 35mm2.

H05Z-K / H07Z-K / 2491B / 6701B - LSZH CABLE

As tri-rated cable is not suitable for applications requiring Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) insulation, alternative cables must be used. These include H05Z-K, H07Z-K, 2491B and 6701B. These panel wires are generally required for use in public areas to prevent the smoke and toxic fumes which could represent a threat to life or cause damage to equipment in the event of a fire.

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Cable Standards and Approvals

Tri-rated (UL/CSA/BS) cable - H05V2-K / H07V2-K
BS EN 50525-2-31* BS 6231 Type CK, UL Subj.758, CSA C22.2 No. 210 (HD 21.7 S2) #LL246095, BS EN/IEC 60332

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Also Known As

Panel wire / cable, switchgear cable, 105oC cable, 600/1000V single core PVC cable, single insulated cable, H05V2K, HO5V2K, H07V2K, HO7V2K, trirated instrumentation panel cable, switch control cable, class 5 single core cable, TRS, tri-rated singles.

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