Belden and Alternative / Equivalent Cables

Belden cables are designed and manufactured to exacting standards delivering a high-speed and high-quality end-to-end data transmission cable. They cover communication technology applications including data transfer, sound and video communications, signalling and instrumentation providing connectivity in industries as diverse as automation & process control, power generation and data centres.

The range of applications covered include those set out in the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) standards EIA 232 (formerly RS232), EIA 422 (formerly RS422), EIA 423 (formerly RS423) and EIA 485 (formerly RS485).

Eland Cables also offers a wide range of alternative and equivalent cables.

Belden Cable applications and standards

Multi-pair (screened data pair and unscreened power pair) cables

Belden 1502R 1502R cable is suitable for use in multimedia control systems

Screened and metallic braid cables suitable for RS232 and RS422 applications

Belden 8102 8102, 8103, 8104, 8105 and 8106 cables have low capacitance properties and are suitable for applications requiring high data transmission rates over extended distances
Belden 8103
Belden 8104
Belden 8105
Belden 8106

Multi-pair screened (double foil layer tape and wire braid screened) cables suitable for RS232 and RS422

Belden 8162 8162 cable has low capacitance properties and is suitable for applications requiring high data transmission rates over extended distances

Low capacitance 24AWG LSF cables suitable for CAD/CAM and RS422 applications

Belden 8163 8163, 9729 and 9730 cables have low smoke fume (LSF) properties and are suitable for security, instrumentation, audio and computer applications where there is a need for protection against cross-talk and electrical interference from external sources
Belden 9729
Belden 9730

Unscreened LSF and LSZH cables

Belden 8205 8205 and 8442 are LSF cables and 8444NH 8471 are a low smoke Zero halogen (LSZH) cable suitable for use in instrumentation, security, data and audio applications where protection against electrical interference is not required
Belden 8442
Belden 8444NH
Belden 8471

Unscreened cables

Belden 8443 8443, 8473 and 9730 are general purpose unshielded multi-pair cables for indoor use in audio, control and instrumentation applications
Belden 8473
Belden 9740

Screened LSF cables

Belden 8451 8451, 8719, 8760, 8761 and 8762 are LSF cables suitable for instrumentation, data and audio applications where protection against electrical interference is required. Cables with polyethylene (PE) insulation such as these present lower signal loss than cables with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation
Belden 8719
Belden 8760
Belden 8761
Belden 8762

Individually screened LSF cables suitable for RS232 applications

Belden 8723 8723, 8728, 8777 and 8778 are LSF cables suitable for use in instrumentation, control systems, computer and point-of-sale applications where protection against electrical interference and cross-talk between pairs is required.
Belden 8728
Belden 8777
Belden 8778

Overall screened LSF cables suitable for RS232 applications

Belden 8770 8770, 9533, 9534, 9536, 9538, 9540 and 9541 are LSF general purpose cables for applications where protection against electrical interference is required
Belden 9533
Belden 9534
Belden 9536
Belden 9538
Belden 9540
Belden 9541

Multi-conductor screened cables

Belden 8771 8771, 8772, 9302, 9327, 9402, 9515, 9519 and 9525 cables are suitable for use in audio, control and instrumentation applications
Belden 8772
Belden 9302
Belden 9327
Belden 9402
Belden 9515 (suitable for RS232 applications)
Belden 9519 (suitable for RS232 applications)
Belden 9525 (suitable for RS232 applications)

Multi-pair CM rated screened cables

Belden 8774 8774 cables are for general use in CM rated applications, however they are not suitable for CMR/Plenum applications

Paired LSF cables

Belden 9207 9207, 9272 and 9463 cables were originally developed for I/O switching and process control applications. They are now widely used in commercial applications for building management systems.
Belden 9272
Belden 9463

Screened triad cables

Belden 9363 9363 and 9365 are single triad cables used for process control and instrumentation applications
Belden 9365

Low capacitance 24AWG LSF and LSZH cables suitable for RS485 applications

Belden 9841 9841, 9842 and 9843 cables have a high level of screening to ensure interference free performance on applications requiring high speed data transmission
Belden 9842
Belden 9843

Overall screen LSF cables suitable for RS232 applications

Belden 9501 9501, 9502, 9503, 9504, 9506, 9508 and 9510 cables are designed to provide protection against electrical interference. They are suitable for use over long distances where high performance levels and low signal distortion is required. These cables are widely used for instrumentation control.
Belden 9502
Belden 9503
Belden 9504
Belden 9506
Belden 9508
Belden 9510

Multi-conductor low capacitance screened and metallic braided cables suitable for RS485 applications

Belden 9844 9844 are armoured multi-conductor, low capacitance cables used widely for audio, instrumentation, computer networks and for use in electronics. These cables are also used for Controller Area Networks (CANopen solutions) which enable the communication between devices of different manufacturers and guarantees an interchangeability of devices

Multi-conductor low capacitance screened and metallic braided cables suitable for RS232 and RS423 applications

Belden 9927 9927, 9929, 9934 and 9936 are low capacitance cables for high data rates of transmission over extended distances
Belden 9929
Belden 9934
Belden 9936


For more information on cable applications and Eland Cables part numbers, please see our Belden Reference Chart and our American Wire Gauge chart for converting AWG to mm2. Alternatively, please contact our technical engineers for advice on selecting the most effective alternative / equivalent cable for your specific data transmission cable application.

Belden Cable Datasheets

Technical datasheets for our most commonly specified Belden and Alternative cables are included on this webpage. The comprise the constructional, dimensional, and electrical characteristic data required for cable selection. Where the cable you require is not listed, please contact the sales team as the appropriate cable can be sourced - whether from the Belden range, or with alternate materials as an 'Alternative' as needed.

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Product name Part No Cores Pairs Size (AWG) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Belden 1502R Multi-Conductor Multimedia Control CableA4B1502Rn/a2PAWG 22(7) & 18(16)Black
Belden 8102 Multi-Conductor Low Capacitance CableA4B8102n/a2PAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 8103 Multi-Conductor Low Capacitance CableA4B8103n/a3PAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 8104 Multi-Conductor Low Capacitance CableA4B8104n/a4PAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 8105 Multi-Conductor Low Capacitance CableA4B8105n/a5PAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 8106 Multi-Conductor Low Capacitance CableA4B8106n/a6PAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 8162 Multi-Conductor Low Capacitance Computer CableA4B8162n/a2PAWG 24(7)Grey
8162 LSF Alternative CableA3B8162LSFGRn/a2PAWG 24(7)Grey
8163 LSF Alternative CableA3B8163LSF3n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
8205 LSF Alternative CableA3B8205LSFGRn/a1PAWG 20(7)Grey
8442 LSF Alternative CableA3B8442LSFGRn/a1PAWG 20(7)Grey
Belden 8443 Multi-Conductor Audio, Control and Instrumentation CableA4B8443n/a2PAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 8444NH Multi-Conductor CableA4B8444n/a4PAWG 22(7)Grey
8451 LSF Alternative CableA3B8451LSFGRn/a1PAWG 22(7)Grey
8471 LSF Alternative CableA3B8471LSFGRn/a1PAWG 16(19)Grey
8471 600V LSZH Alternative CableA3B8471NH600V2n/aAWG 16(19)Violet
8471 LSZH Alternative CableA3B8471LSZHGRn/a1PAWG 16(19)Grey
Belden 8473 Multi-Conductor High-Conductivity Copper Speaker CableA4B8473n/a1PAWG 14(42)Grey
8473 LSF Alternative CableA3B8473LSFn/a1PAWG 14(42)Grey
8719 LSF Alternative CableA3B8719LSFGRn/a1PAWG 16(19)Grey
8723 LSF Alternative CableA3B8723LSFGRn/a2PAWG 22(7)Grey
8723 LSZH Alternative CableA3B8723LSZHGRn/a2PAWG 22(7)Grey
8723 PE Alternative CableA3B8723PEBKn/a2PAWG 22(7)Black
8723 SWA PE Alternative CableA3B8723SWA/PEn/a2PAWG 22(7)Black
8723 600V LSZH Alternative CableA3B8723NH600Vn/a2PAWG 22(7)Violet
8728 LSF Alternative CableA3B8728LSFGRn/a2PAWG 22(7)Grey
8760 LSF Alternative CableA3B8760LSFGRn/a1PAWG 18(16)Grey
8760 LSZH Alternative CableA3B8760LSZHGR1n/aAWG 18(16)Grey
8760 LSZH 600V Alternative CableA3B8760NH600V1n/aAWG 18(16)Violet
8761 LSF Alternative CableA3B8761LSFGRn/a1PAWG 22(7)Grey
8761 300V LSZH Alternative CableA3B8761LSZHGR2n/aAWG 22(7)Grey
8761 600V LSZH Alternative CableA3B8761NH600V2n/aAWG 22(7)Violet
8762 LSF Alternative CableA3B8762LSFGRn/a1PAWG 20(7)Grey
8770 LSF Alternative CableA3B8770LSFGR3n/aAWG 18(16)Grey
Belden 8771 Multi-Conductor Audio, Control and Instrumentation CableA4B8771n/a3PAWG 22(7)Grey
Belden 8772 Multi-Conductor Audio, Control and Instrumentation CableA4B8772n/a3PAWG 20(7)Grey
Belden 8774 Multi-Conductor CM Rated CableA4B8774n/a9PAWG 22(7)Grey
8777 LSF Alternative CableA3B8777LSFGRn/a3PAWG 22(7)Grey
8762 LSZH 600V Alternative CableA3B8762NH600V1n/aAWG 20(7)Violet
Belden 8778 Multi-Pair CableA4B8778n/a6PAWG 22(7)Grey
8778 LSF Alternative CableA3B8778LSFGRn/a6PAWG 22(7)Grey
8762 LSZH Alternative CableA3B8762LSZHGR1n/aAWG 20(7)Grey
8791 Alternative CableA3B8791LSZH300V3n/aAWG 18(7)Dark Grey
9207 LSF Alternative CableA3B9207LSF2n/aAWG 20(7)White
9272 LSF Alternative CableA3B9272n/an/aAWG 20(7)Grey
Belden 9302 Multi-Conductor Audio, Control and Instrumentation CableA4B9302n/a2PAWG 22(1)Grey
Belden 9327 Multi-Conductor Audio, Control and Instrumentation CableA4B9327n/a27PAWG 22(7)Grey
Belden 9363 Triad - 300V Power-Limited Tray CableA4B9363n/a1TAWG 22(7)Grey
Belden 9365 Triad - 300V Power-Limited Tray CableA4B9365n/a1TAWG 19(7)Grey
Belden 9402 Multi-Conductor Audio, Control and Instrumentation CableA4B9402n/a2PAWG 20(7)Grey
9418 Alternative CableA3B9418LSZH300Vn/a2P(Q)AWG 18(7)Grey
9463 LSF Alternative CableA3B9463LSFBL2n/aAWG 20(7)Blue
9501 LSZH Alternative CableA3B9501LSZHGRn/a1PAWG 24(7)Grey
9501 LSF Alternative CableA3B9501LSFGRn/a1PAWG 24(7)Grey
9502 LSF Alternative CableA3B9502LSFGRn/a2PAWG 24(7)Grey
9502 LSZH Alternative CableA3B9502LSZHGRn/a2PAWG 24(7)Grey
9502 LSZH 600V Alternative CableA3B9502LSZH600Vn/a2PAWG 24(7)Grey
9503 LSF Alternative CableA3B9503LSFGRn/a3PAWG 24(7)Grey
9504 LSF Alternative CableA3B9504LSFGRn/a4PAWG 24(7)Grey
9504 LSZH Alternative CableA3B9504LSZHGRn/a4PAWG 24(7)Grey
9506 LSF Alternative CableA3B9506LSFGRn/a6PAWG 24(7)Grey
9508 LSF Alternative CableA3B9508LSFGRn/a8PAWG 24(7)Grey
9510 LSF Alternative CableA3B9510LSFGRn/a10PAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 9515 Multi-Conductor CableA4B91515n/a15PAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 9519 Multi-Conductor CableA4B9519n/a19PAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 9525 Multi-Conductor CableA4B9525n/a25PAWG 24(7)Grey
9533 LSF Alternative CableA3B9533LSFGR3n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9534 LSF Alternative CableA3B9534LSFGR4n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9536 LSF Alternative CableA3B9536LSFGR6n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9538 LSF Alternative CableA3B9538LSFGR8n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9540 LSF Alternative CableA3B9540LSFGR10n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9541 LSF Alternative CableA3B9541LSFGR15n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9729 LSF Alternative CableA3B9729LSFGR2n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9730 LSF Alternative CableA3B9730LSFGRn/a3PAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 9740 Multi-Conductor Audio, Control and Instrumentation CableA4B97401n/aAWG 19(15)Grey
9841 LSF Alternative CableA3B9841LSFGR1n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9841 SWA LSZH Alternative CableA3B948SWA/LSZH1n/aAWG 24(7)Black
9841 LSZH Alternative CableA3B9841SWA/LSZH1n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9841 600V LSZH Alternative CableA3B9842NH600V2n/aAWG 24(7)Violet
9842 LSF Alternative CableA3B9842LSFGR2n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9842 LSZH Alternative CableA3B9842LSZHGR2n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9842 LSZH 600V Alternative CableA3B9842LSZH6002n/aAWG 24(7)Violet
9842 SWA LSZH Alternative CableA3B9842SWA/LSZH2n/aAWG 24(7)Black
9843 LSZH Alternative CableA3B9843LSZH3n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 9844 Multi-Conductor Low Capacitance Computer CableA4B98444n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9844 SWA LSZH 600V Alternative CableA3B9844SWA/LSZH4n/aAWG 24(7)Black
Belden 9927 Multi-Conductor Low Capacitance CableA4B99274n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 9929 Multi-Conductor Low Capacitance CableA4B99295n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 9934 Multi-Conductor Low Capacitance CableA4B99349n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
Belden 9936 Multi-Conductor Low Capacitance CableA4B993615n/aAWG 24(7)Grey
9941 Alternative CableA3B9941LSZH300V5n/aAWG 18Grey