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2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) Cable

2491B / 6701B (referred to as H05Z-K & H07Z-K under the European harmonised cable standards) are primarily used for panel wiring in applications where Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) properties are required. 

2491B Cable Specification

Designed for use in the switch control, relay and instrumentation panels of power switchgear and for purposes such as internal connectors in rectifier equipment, motor starters and controllers, these single core cables can be installed in pipes or ducts, and used in the internal wiring of appliances with maximum operating temperatures of +90oC.

The 2491B / 6701B's Type EI5 thermoset LSZH insulation makes this range suitable for use in environments where smoke and toxic fumes arising in a fire may threaten life or equipment. It is therefore generally for use in public areas and government and commercial buildings.


2491B Voltage Rating

The harmonised cable codes denote that there are different voltages applicable to different conductor cross-sectional area sizes. The H05Z-K cables have a rated voltage of 300/500V whilst the H07Z-K cables, applicable from CSA sizes 1.5mm2 and above, have a rated voltage of 450/750V.

2491B Cable PDF Datasheet 

The electrical characteristics, dimensions, and cable weights are listed on the technical datasheets attached below. The asterisk in the product codes is replaced by the LSZH insulation colour code.

Additional cross sectional sizes are available for the single core 2491B cable on request - please speak to a member of the team should you require larger sizes. 

Where additional support with specification is required, please speak to the technical team.

For a PVC sheathed version of this cable see our 2491X cable.


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Construction Table

  2491B H05Z-K H07Z-K Cable CS 2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) Cable

H05Z-K - 0.5mm2 to 1mm2: 300/500V
H07Z-K - 1.5mm2 to 240mm2: 450/750V


Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZBK000510.5mm²Black
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZBK0007510.75mm²Black
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZBL000510.5mm²Blue
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZBL0007510.75mm²Blue
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZBR000510.5mm²Brown
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZBR0007510.75mm²Brown
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZGR000510.5mm²Grey
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZGR0007510.75mm²Grey
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZGY000510.5mm²Green/Yellow
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZGY0007510.75mm²Green/Yellow
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZOR000510.5mm²Orange
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZOR0007510.75mm²Orange
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZPK000510.5mm²Pink
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZPK0007510.75mm²Pink
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZRD000510.5mm²Red
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZRD0007510.75mm²Red
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZVI000510.5mm²Violet
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZVI0007510.75mm²Violet
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZWH000510.5mm²White
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZWH0007510.75mm²White
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZYW000510.5mm²Yellow
2491B / 6701B (H05Z-K & H07Z-K) CableA2ZYW0007510.75mm²Yellow