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The Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) first saw life in 2007 following the rebranding of the UK Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA), an organisation created by the UK government in 1996 to standardise the products and services supplied to the offshore industry. The products falling under the OGUK’s remit include power and instrumentation cables. As part of its mandate the OGUK speaks for and represents the entire offshore sector operating on the UK continental shelf.
The guidelines developed by UKOOA for cables are complementary to British Standards, including BS6883 Type SW4 cables and BS7917 tinned copper armoured shipwiring cable. As such, cables approved by OGUK can be deemed to comply with the relevant British Standards.
OGUK Cable



The cable coding system developed by OGUK / UKOOA denotes the cable specification according to the following character system:

1st character Fire performance (resistant / retardant) and voltage rating
2nd character Cable construction (sheath, colour, armouring and screening if applicable)
3rd character Number of cores, pairs, triples or quads
4th & 5th character Conductor size and class


1st character
F Fire resistant, reduced halogen 150/250V M Flame retardant, reduced halogen 3.8/6.6kV
G Fire resistant, low smoke & fume 150/250V N Flame retardant, reduced halogen 1.9/3.3kV
H Flame retardant, reduced halogen 8.7/15kV P Flame retardant, reduced halogen 6.35/11kV
J Flame retardant, reduced halogen 150/250V W Flame retardant, low smoke & fume 600/1000V
K Flame retardant, low smoke & fume 150/250V X Fire resistant, reduced halogen 600/1000V
L Flame retardant, reduced halogen 600/1000V Y Fire resistant, low smoke & fume 600/1000V


2nd character
  Basic construction Sheath colour Armour Screen
A Flame retardant Black (600/1000V), Red (HV) Bronze braid (TPBWB) -
B Flame retardant Black (600/1000V), Red (HV) Galvanised steel wire braid (GSWB) -
C Fire resistant Black (600/1000V) TPBWB -
D Fire resistant Black (600/1000V) GSWB -
E Flame retardant Green/Yellow None -
F Flame retardant Black None -
G Flame retardant Light Blue GSWB Collective
H Flame retardant Light Blue GSWB Individual
J Flame retardant Grey GSWB Collective
K Flame retardant Grey GSWB Individual
L Fire resistant Light Blue GSWB Collective
M Fire resistant Light Blue GSWB Individual
N Fire resistant Grey GSWB Collective
P Fire resistant Grey GSWB Individual
Y Flame retardant Orange GSWB Coaxial


3rd character
1 Single core B 19 core K 12 pair T 7 triple
2 2 core C 27 core L 20 pair U 12 triple
3 3 core D 37 core M 27 pair X 1 quad
4 4 core F 1 pair N 37 pair V 3 quad
7 7 core H 3 pair R 1 triple Z 7 quad
A 12 core J 7 pair S 3 triple    


4th & 5th character
  Conductor size Type of stranding   Conductor size Type of stranding
00 0.75mm2 flexible tinned copper
(class 5)
70 70mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
01 1.0mm2 flexible tinned copper
(class 5)
95 95mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
02 1.5mm2 flexible tinned copper
(class 5)
0A 120mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
03 2.5mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
0B 150mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
04 4.0mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
0C 185mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
06 6.0mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
0D 240mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
10 10mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
0E 300mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
16 16mm2 Tinned copper
class 2)
0F 400mm2 Tinned copper
class 2)
25 25mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
0G 500mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
35 35mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
0H 630mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)
50 50mm2 Tinned copper
(class 2)


Our marine & offshore cables are designed for fixed wiring safety-critical applications in ships and offshore units, including emergency alarm and lighting systems. As a leading supplier of marine & offshore cables, our technical experts have vast experience of advising on cable specification and selection. Contact us to discuss your specific application or for further information on OGUK / UKOOA cable, including a detailed comparison against the standards set by other international bodies such as Norway's NEK 606.

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About Eland Cables

The Cable Lab® our in-house cable testing facility, is UKAS-accredited to ISO 17025, which is the single most important standard for calibration and testing laboratories around the world. Accreditation to this international standard demonstrates our laboratory's technical competence and the accuracy of its results.

For our customers, it means peace of mind. They can have full confidence in the quality of our products and can demonstrate due diligence in selecting their cable supplier.

Our customers can also rely on the Cable Lab's services for an independent, objective and comprehensive quality assessment of cables procured from third parties.


About Eland Cables

About Eland Cables

Established in 1975, Eland Cables is a supplier of power, data, instrumentation and control cables and cable accessories to the world's most demanding industries and to some of its most prestigious projects. Our reputation is built on an unswerving focus on quality, technical expertise and customer service.


Our focus on quality has resulted in our in-house specialist cable testing facility securing the ISO 17025 accreditation. This certifies the competence, impartiality and performance capability of our laboratory and its evaluations. In turn, it means peace of mind for our customers with regard to the quality of the cables they source from us.

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Our highly-qualified technical team is on hand to provide technical support with all aspects of cable selection, technical specification, regulatory requirements, and bespoke cable design and manufacture.

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