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NEK606 Cable

Norwegian Standard – Offshore oil & gas, ship and marine industries covering a range of power, instrumentation and earth cables including BFOU, BFOU (i), BFOU (c), RFOU, RFOU (i), RFOU (c) and UX

NEK 606 Cable

NEK TS 606 is the Norwegian's marine and offshore industry technical specification (TS) covering a range of power, instrumentation and earth cables that are halogen free and/or MUD resistant, protecting them against the type of hydrocarbon-laden drilling liquid used in drilling operations which can have an adverse effect on the cable sheathing material. The NEK 606 cable standard technical specification has been widely adopted in Europe and internationally with BFOU and RFOU cables, and UX Earth cables in common use.

Eland Cables' range of NEK 606 cables includes:
NEK 606 Power cables
BFOU Cable - 0.6/1kV

RFOU Cable - 0.6/1kV
Power supply to electromechanical and electrical equipment, including emergency and critical systems such as lighting systems
NEK 606 Instrumentation cables
BFOU(i) S3/S7 Cable - 150/250V

RFOU(i) S1/S5  Cable - 150/250V
Individually screened instrumentation and telecommunication cable for fixed installation
BFOU(c) S4/S8 Cable - 150/250V

RFOU(c) S2/S6
Cable - 150/250V
Collectively screened instrumentation and telecommunication cable for fixed installation
NEK 606 UX Earth Cable
UX Earth Cable 0.6/1kV Green/Yellow cable for earthing and bonding applications

Other NEK 606 cables, including medium and high voltage, can be supplied on request.

NEK 606 cable designation and properties

NEK 606 MUD resistant cables have many similarities with cables covered under IEEE 1580 type P and British Standard BS6883, with distinct requirements in relation to the insulation, screening, braiding, bedding and sheathing compound.

BFOU cables contain a mica glass tape making them flame resistant according to IEC 60331-21 and 31. RFOU cables are flame retardant according to IEC 60332-3-22. UX earth cables are flame retardant to IEC 60332-1.

The following table is a guide to NEK 606 cable code designation for some widely used shipboard cables.

Materials 1st letter 2nd letter - bedding 3rd letter -
4th letter - outersheath
Fire resistant + halogen free B      
Ethylene propylene rubber R      
Cross-linked polyethylene T      
Halogen free   F    
No armour     X  
Tinned or bare copper wire braid     O  
Halogen free       U
Mud resistant       U

Eland Cables' marine cables manufactured to NEK 606 standard are DNV certified to be in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They are also Lloyds Register approved and ABS approved. as an NEK 606 cable supplier, Eland Cables can provide advice on cable selection for the appropriate solution for your application

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