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RVOV-K Cable

The RVOV-K cable is a European PVC power cable with copper wire screen. This low voltage 1kV cable is designed for use in industrial applications, for the connection of power and control circuits, alongside variable frequency drive (VFD) motors.

RVOV-K Cable Specification

The RVOV-K is a multicore cable available from 2-core to 14-core as standard, with Class 5 flexible copper circular stranded conductors to 35mm2 and sectoral stranded conductors for larger sizes. This is to minimise the overall outer diameter of the cable in installations where space is often limited. The RVOV-K cable has XLPE insulation underneath the inner and outer PVC sheathing so can support a maximum operating temperature of +90oC.

The RVOV-K cable has a copper wire screen to provide electromagnetic protection when installed in close proximity to equipment that can cause spikes in ground current and voltages.

As an industrial cable, it is both UV resistant and resistant to hydrocarbons, and the PVC sheathing is flame retardant. Used extensively by OEMs and in Automation and Process Control applications, the RVOV-K cable is suitable for installation internally or externally, in dry and damp conditions.

RVOV-K Cable Sizes

Available across a wide range of core configurations, including up to 14 cores as standard, core sizes are frequently specified from 1.5mm2 to 35mm2. Should additional sizes be required, please speak to the team for the supplemental information. The technical datasheets provide information for cable selection.

The RVOV-K cable forms part of Eland Cables wider industrial cable portfolio. For support with specification or for more information please contact the team.

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Construction Table

  RVOV K 061Kv Cross Section RVOV-K Cable



Class 5 flexible stranded copper (circular or sectorial)


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


Copper Tape


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

RVOV-K Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
RVOV-K CableB3G020015BK21.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G020025BK22.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G020040BK24mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G020060BK25mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G02010BK210mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G02016BK216mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G02025BK225mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G02035BK235mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G030025BK32.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G030040BK34mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G040015BK41.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G040025BK42.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G040040BK44mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G040060BK45mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G04010BK410mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G04016BK416mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G04025BK425mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G04035BK435mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G050025BK52.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G050040BK54mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G060015BK61.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G060025BK62.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G060040BK64mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G070015BK71.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G070025BK72.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G070040BK74mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G120015BK121.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G120025BK122.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G120040BK124mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G120060BK126mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G140015BK141.5mm²Black
RVOV-K CableB3G140025BK142.5mm²Black