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Railway Contact Wires

As the leading supplier of Network Rail approved overhead lines, Eland Cables' contact wires can be found on all major electrification programmes across the United Kingdom.

Railway Contact Wire Specification

Specifically designed for the railway industry, contact wires are suspended from the catenary wires via dropper wires and are in direct contact with the pantograph, transmitting power from the rail overhead line system to the locomotive. These form part of the systems delivering electrification for urban transport through to high-speed networks.

Eland Cables' portfolio of ID grooved contact wires include:

  Speed suitability Network Rail PADS
Number / Reference
Network Rail
Drawing Number
107mm2 Hard Drawn Copper Contact Wire (Cu) Up to 160km/hr 91/010274 148/057/998
107mm2 Copper Silver Contact Wire (Cu Ag) 250km/hr 91/012685 148/440/998
107mm2 Copper Tin Contact Wire (Cu Sn) 300km/hr 91/012326 148/438/998
120mm2 Copper Silver Contact Wire (Cu Ag) 250km/hr 91/012329 148/373/998

Eland Cables' ID grooved contact wires combine high tensile strength with high conductivity. They are manufactured in production facilities successfully audited by Achilles on Network Rail's behalf. The full range is approved for use across all of the UK's rail infrastructures. It is also approved for the Deutsche Bahn network.

Contact Wire datasheet

Dimensional and electrical characteristic data are provided on the PDF datasheets. Further information is also available within the Network Rail technical documentation published. Where additional information is required, please speak to our experts.

Rail contact wire specialist

Our dedicated rail technical team are experts in the design, manufacture and supply of contact wire and the full range of OHL wires including flexible stranded conductors, Centipede ATF cable, and the Hornet AAC and Cockroach AAC wire. In addition to supplying products of the highest quality in the industry, we provide advanced logistics services from our UK-based distribution centre. Our project offering includes secure storage for extended periods and just-in-time delivery to site.

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Construction Table

  Rail Contact Wire with ID Groove 107mm CS 107mm² Contact Wire with ID Groove (Hard Drawn Copper) Rail Contact Wire Copper Silver CS 107mm² Copper Silver Contact Wire Rail Contact Wire Copper Tin CS 107mm² Copper Tin Contact Wire Rail Contact Wire Copper Silver 120mm CS 120mm² Contact Wire Copper Silver

Hard Drawn Copper

Copper Silver (CuAg - 0.1%)

Copper Tin (CuSn-0.4%)

Copper Silver (CuAg - 0.1%)


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Product name Part No Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Length (m)  
107mm² Contact Wire with ID Groove (Hard Drawn Copper)91/010274107mm²
107mm² Copper Silver Contact Wire91/012685107mm²
107mm² Copper Tin Contact Wire91/012326107mm²
120mm² Contact Wire Copper Silver91/012329120mm²