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Centipede ATF (Drawing No. 148/752/998) Cable

Our Centipede Auto Transformer Feeder (ATF) cable was designed for the Railway industry and is used to deliver improved and upgraded power supplies compared to the classic overhead line equipment (OLE / OHL) system.

Centipede OHL Specification

These ‘along track’ conductors are the overhead cables that help equally distribute power across the line via the autotransformers and can be used both for aerial and insulated cable routes. Our Centipede ATF cable is Network Rail-approved and is manufactured in accordance with drawing number 148/752/998.

The ATF Centipede cable has a stranded aluminium conductor complying with British Standard BS215, offering a flexible and lightweight cable.

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Construction Table

  Rail Centipede Overhead Line Cable CS Centipede ATF (Drawing No. 148/752/998) Cable

Class 2 Stranded Aluminium

Centipede ATF (Drawing No. 148/752/998) Cable

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Product name Part No Strands Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Length (m)  
Centipede ATF (Drawing No. 148/752/998) Cable91/03048137400mm²