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Flexible Stranded Copper Conductors and Dropper Wires

Our flexible stranded copper conductors, often referred to as dropper wire, are Network rail approved and they are manufactured in accordance with drawing numbers 1/148/369 and 148/070/998.

Dropper Wire Specification

As part of a rail overhead power supply system, these 7/7/0.51mm copper magnesium (CuMg) and 19/7/0.71mm flexible stranded copper conductors act as the dropper wire providing physical support for the contact wire. It connects the catenary wire at regular intervals to the contact wire and can also support an auxiliary wire.

Flexible stranded copper conductor - PADS references

Dropper Wire  Drawing numbers PADS reference
7/7/0.51mm 1/148/369 5000m: 0091/030331
500m: 0091/030332
19/7/0.71mm 148/070/998 0091/010271

Additionally we supply a stainless steel solid dropper wire which can also be used in overhead electrification works where the flexible stranded copper is not appropriate for the installation or environment.

Stainless steel dropper wire - PADS reference

Dropper Wire  Drawing numbers PADS reference
4mm solid 148/039/998 0091/010324


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Construction Table

  Rail Flexible stranded Conductor CS Railway cables - 7/7/0.51mm Copper Flexible Stranded Conductor Rail Flexible stranded Conductor CS 19/7/0.71 Stranded Copper Conductor Stainless Steel Dropper Wire Stainless Steel Dropper Wire

Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper Magnesium (CuMg)


Stainless Steel


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Product name Part No Rail Cat No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Length (m)  
Railway cables - 7/7/0.51mm Copper Flexible Stranded Conductor91/0303310091/030331n/a10
19/7/0.71 Stranded Copper Conductor91/010271n/a154.14
Stainless Steel Dropper Wire91/010324n/a14