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Hornet - Bare and PVC

The Hornet Overhead Line range is an All-Aluminium Conductor (AAC) manufactured specifically for the Railway industry and holds Network Rail Approval.

Hornet Cable Specification

Hornet Cable is designed to be used as a bonding cable for rail overhead line applications (OHL/OLE). Bonding cable also acts as an earthing wire, providing a route to Earth from the Power supply and ensures electrical continuity. This provides part of a fail-safe in the event of failure.

Hornet - PADS number & Colour identification

Drawing number PADS Colour Application
148/044/998 0091/010267 - Standard traction bond where no insulation is required
148/046/998 0091/010318 Black Standard traction bond
148/443/998 0091/030336 Red Dangerous to staff if disconnected
148/444/998 0091/030337 Yellow Jumper cables necessary for electrical integrity of a traction circuit that is fully or partially parallel bonded using at least 3 bonds per rail section to give safety redundancy
- 0091/010513 Green  


Hornet Technical Support

As the leading supplier of overhead line wires and cables to Network Rail, including Hornet cable, Cockroach cable and Centipede cable, we are at the forefront of this range's development and deployment across the UK rail network. Our rail specialists have a wealth of experience in providing technical and logistical support on all major electrification projects and routes.


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Construction Table

  Rail Hornet OHL Cable CS Railway cables - Hornet Overhead Line (AAC) Cable Rail RSC LSZH Cable CS Hornet Overhead Line (AAC) LSZH Cable Rail Hornet PVC OHL Cable CS Railway cables - Hornet Overhead Line (AAC) PVC Cable

Class 2 Stranded Aluminium


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


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Product name Part No Rail Cat No Cores Strands Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Railway cables - Hornet Overhead Line (AAC) CableA3BR150BARE0091/010267119150mm²n/a
Hornet Overhead Line (AAC) LSZH CableA3BR150ZHLS91/012189119150mm²Black
Hornet Overhead Line (AAC) LSZH CableA3BR150ZHLSGN91/003111119150mm²Green
Hornet Overhead Line (AAC) LSZH CableA3BR150ZHLSRD91/003109119150mm²Red
Hornet Overhead Line (AAC) LSZH CableA3BR150ZHLSYW91/003110119150mm²Yellow
Railway cables - Hornet Overhead Line (AAC) PVC CableA3BR150PVCBK0091/010318n/a19150mm²Black
Railway cables - Hornet Overhead Line (AAC) PVC CableA3BR150PVCRD0091/030336n/a19150mm²Red
Railway cables - Hornet Overhead Line (AAC) PVC CableA3BR150PVCYW0091/030337n/a19150mm²Yellow