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FXQJ Cables

FXQJ cables are low voltage power cables designed for the Swedish market. Manufactured to SS 424 14 18, they are compliant with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) so suitable for applications in building and construction projects of a medium risk assessment. 

FXQJ 1kV Cable Specification

The FXQJ cables have copper conductors sheathed in an HFFR compound - halogen free flame retardant - and have a copper wire and tape screen. The FXQJ-EMC cable screen offers 100% coverage to provide electromagnetic compatibility with other cables in the immediate proximity. Both are suitable for internal installations where the protection of life and sensitive equipment is of paramount importance.

The FXQJ cables have a wide variety of applications across domestic and industrial wiring. It has an aluminium equivalent AXQJ cable. As with the aluminium version, the FXQJ and FXQJ-EMC cables have a wide operating temperature of -40oc to +90oC (the upper temperature being a maximum conductor operating temperature determined by the XLPE insulation). This broad temperature range is reflective of the environmental challenges projects in Sweden may face. 

FXQJ 1kV Cable Datasheet

Our cable datasheets provide the commonly specified cable sizes with accompanying diameter and weight information. Where additional information including electrical characteristics are required please speak to the team about your project needs.

The FXQJ 1kV cables are available in 2-cores and upwards, including 3-core with reduced earth configurations.

For more information and assistance in specifying these cables, please speak to our technical team. Eland Cables offers a wide portfolio of low voltage power specific to national wiring regulations including Finnish XCMK-HF cable, the Dutch YMz1K mbzh, and Belgian XGB cables.

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Construction Table

  FXQJ 1kV Cable CS FXQJ 1kV Cable FXQJ EMC 1kV Cable CS FXQJ EMC 1kV Cable



Class 2 stranded copper


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant)


Copper wires in open helix

Copper wires and tape (100% coverage)


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

FXQJ Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
FXQJ 1kV CableB1F040025BK42.5mm²Black
FXQJ 1kV CableB1F040060BK46mm²Black
FXQJ 1kV CableB1F04010BK410mm²Black
FXQJ 1kV CableB1F04016BK416mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G030025/2.5BK32.5/2.5mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G030060/6BK36/6mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03010/10BK310/10mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03016/10BK316/16mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03025/16BK325/16mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03035/16BK335/16mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03050/25BK350/25mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03070/35BK370/35mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03095/50BK395/50mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03120/70BK3120/70mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03150/70BK3150/70mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03185/95BK3185/95mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03240/12BK3240/120mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G03300/150BK3300/150mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G040025/2.5BK42.5/2.5mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G040060/6BK46/6mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04010/10BK410/10mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04016/10BK416/16mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04025/16BK425/16mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04035/16BK435/16mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04050/25BK450/25mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04070/35BK470/35mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04095/50BK495/50mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04120/70BK4120/70mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04150/70BK4150/70mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04185/95BK4185/95mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04240/12BK4240/120mm²Black
FXQJ EMC 1kV CableB1G04300/150BK4300/150mm²Black