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FHLR91XC13X and FHLR4GC13X Battery Cables

Extending Eland Cables' portfolio of cables for battery storage technology are the FHLR91XC13X and FHLR4GC13X Battery Cables. Commonly used in conjunction with e-Mobility and EV applications, these cables have a voltage rating of 1000V AC and 1500V DC, alongside an extended operating temperature range of -40oC to +150oC. 

FHLR91XC13X and FHLR4GC13X Battery Cables Sizes

Distinguished by their conductor cross-sectional area size, the cables have different insulation materials. The FHLR91XC13X ranging from 2.52 to 6mm2 inclusive and using a cross-linked irradiated Polyolefin (XLPO), whilst the FHLR4GC13X range in conductor sizing from 8mm2 up to 150mm2 and use EVA, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate as insulation. Both cables have a tinned copper wire braid to screen for EMC interference and a thermoplastic Elastomer sheathing (TPE-E) designated by the reference code 13X.

Befitting the application, these cables have a relatively small minimum bending radius, and are suitable for both fixed and flexible installations. Additionally, they offer good protection from motor oils, greases, fuels and hydrolysis, as well as being UV and Ozone Resistant. 

Specifying Battery Cables

Choosing the right cable is a combination of understanding the application and the environment it will be required to operate within. Whether it is the FHLR4GC13X, FHLR91XC13X or a cable from our wider range such as the FHLR2GBCB2G cable will be determined by this combination of factors. Should you require assistance in specifying the most appropriate cable for your project please get in touch with our technical team or EV experts who will be happy to assist you.

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Construction Table

  CS FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X Auto Battery Cable FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X Cables

1000V AC / 1500V DC


Stranded Copper


91X - XLPO (Cross-linked irradiation Polyolefin) 4G - EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)


TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid)


13X - TPE-E (Vulcanised thermoplastic Elastomer)

FHLR91XC13X and FHLR4GC13X Battery Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F010025OR12.5Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F010040OR14Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F010060OR16Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F010080OR18Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01010OR110Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01012OR112Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01016OR116Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01020OR120Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01025OR125Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01030OR130Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01035OR135Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01040OR140Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01050OR150Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01060OR160Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01070OR170Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01095OR195Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01120OR1120Orange
FHLR91XC13X & FHLR4GC13X CablesB5F01150OR1150Orange