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Applications Overview

Due to the mechanical strength provided by their galvanised steel wire braid (GSWB), SY cables are widely used in industrial applications as interconnecting cables in control equipment or machines where they are subjected to medium mechanical stresses. They can be used in fixed or flexible installations, where free movement is required without tensile stresses and without forced guidance systems.

SY cables, also known as armoured flexible control cable or simply armoured flex, are strong and durable cables suitable for internal dry, damp or wet environments (including oil-water mixtures), however they are not suitable for outdoor applications.

The voltage rating of these shielded flexible multi-core control cables is 300/500V.

SY cable construction and standards

  Copper conductor Insulation Bedding Braiding Sheath Relevant cable standards
SY LSZH Class 5 flexible Halogen free Type TI6 LSZH type TI6 Galvanised steel wire braid (GSWB) LSZH Type TM7 (black) BS EN 50525-3-11
SY PVC Class 5 flexible PVC Type TI2 PVC Type TM2 GSWB PVC Type TM2 (clear / transparent) BS EN 50525-2-51
SY PVC (UL & CSA approved) Class 5 flexible PVC Type TI3 to UL 1581 PVC Type TM3 to UL 1581 Steel Wire Braid (SWB) PVC Type TM3 to UL 1581 (grey) UL2587 & CSA FT1

The grey oversheath SY cable with UL and CSA approval tends to be used on equipment intended for export to the North American market.

The clear oversheath of the SY cable manufactured to BS EN 50525-2-51 allows the visual detection of any signs of deterioration, damage or corrosion.
SY cable supplier

SY cable selection

As a leading SY cable supplier we have vast experience of advising on SY cable properties and sizes. Our technical team is available to discuss the most suitable option for your application.

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Cable Standards and Approvals

SY PVC / BS EN 50525-2-51 Control Flexible Cable
Generally to BS EN 50525-2-51 (previously BS 6500), VDE0250, BS EN/IEC 60332-1

SY LSZH / BS EN 50525-3-11 Control Flexible Cable
Generally to BS EN 50525-3-11 (BS 6500) and VDE0250, BS EN/IEC 60332-3, BS EN/IEC 60754-1 and 2, BS EN 50267-2-1 and 2, BS EN/IEC 61034-1

SY PVC UL2587 CSA FT1 Control Cable
DIN VDE 0472 Part 804, BS EN/IEC 60332-1 and CSA FT1, UL 2587, VDE 7097

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