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12.7/22kV Cables

Commonly specified voltage for British Standard medium voltage cables and for international cables particularly those used in static infrastructure and equipment cables for the mining industry.

12.7/22kV Cables

12.7/22kV is most often referred to in association with British Standard armoured cables BS6622 PVC and BS7835 LSZH cables, but 12.7/22kV is a voltage rating found in other geo-specific national standards, including SANS - South African National Standards. 22kV cables, like their European voltage 20kV equivalents, are covered under International standard IEC 60502-2 - both 22kV and 20kV have a maximum rating voltage (Um) of 24kV. 

22kV cables are traditionally specified with copper conductors but aluminium conductors may also be considered where weight is a consideration but space restrictions are not. 

Eland Cables' range of 22kV cables are three-cores, insulated and sheathed in PVC or LSZH - although MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) may also be used where a most robust, external application demands. Whilst the British standard cables are provided mechanical protection with a rigid ring of steel wire armour as their common application sees them buried directly, this is not a mainstay of the voltage - the SANS 622 cable for example is for heavy-duty large moving apparatus and so has a reinforcement braid of nylon to make it more flexible, often used in the mining industry. Where appropriate, additional tapes are applied over the screen of copper wires and/or equalising tape, aiding protection from water ingress and potential damage to the conductor. 


As Medium Voltage cable specialists, our experts in The Cable Lab are well-placed not just to provide Quality Assurance and MV cable testing, but to assist you in questions regarding 12.7/22kV cable specifications, whether armoured or unarmoured, along with appropriate accessories and installation environments. Please contact them for advice specific to your application and installation.

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