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XHHW-2 Unscreened Cable

XHHW-2 cables are copper concentric lay conductors with XLPE insulation and PVC sheathing designed for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. They have a voltage rating of 600V.

XHHW-2 Cable Specification

Like the THHN-THWN-2 cables and TFN screened cables, the XHHW-2 cable is for installation into areas classified as Class I Division II. These are hazardous locations (HazLoc) where flammable vapours and gases may be present but are not part of usual operations. As such, cables and associated electrical installations must be protected to avoid arching, high temperatures, or other risks that may be an ignition source. 

The XLPE insulation offers a +90oC maximum conductor operating temperature the compound used for the PVC sheathing is both UV resistant, and resistant to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. They are manufactured in accordance with standard ICEA S-73-532, and US standards UL1277 and UL44.

XHHW-2 power cables are unscreened so consideration may be required where electromagnetic interference is an issue. These cables can be installed both internally and externally, including buried direct in the ground, in wet or dry locations. They can be installed aerially inside where supported by messenger wires.

Connections such as cable glands and terminations must be ATEX rated explosion proof.

XHHW-2 Cable Sizes

These cables are sized in AWG American Wire Gauge, available in sizes 10AWG and 12AWG as standard. Should support be required to convert to metric mm2, please speak to our team.

For specification support for all electrical installations within the OGP industry, please speak to one of our technical experts. 

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Construction Table

  CS XHHW 2 UNSCREENED Cable XHHW-2 Unscreened Cable



Rigid stranded Copper


XLPE (cross-linked Polyethylene)


Binding Tape




Special PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

XHHW-2 Unscreened Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Size (AWG) Sheath colour Length (m)  
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110210AWGBK2AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110310AWGBK3AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110410AWGBK4AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110510AWGBK5AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110610AWGBK6AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110710AWGBK7AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110810AWGBK8AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110910AWGBK9AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111010AWGBK10AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111110AWGBK11AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111210AWGBK12AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111310AWGBK13AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111410AWGBK14AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111510AWGBK15AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111610AWGBK16AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111910AWGBK19AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG112010AWGBK20AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG112510AWGBK25AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG113010AWGBK30AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG113710AWGBK37AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG114010AWGBK40AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG114510AWGBK45AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG115010AWGBK50AWG 10Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110212AWGBK2AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110312AWGBK3AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110412AWGBK4AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110512AWGBK5AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110612AWGBK6AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110712AWGBK7AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110812AWGBK8AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG110912AWGBK9AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111012AWGBK10AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111112AWGBK11AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111212AWGBK12AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111312AWGBK13AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111412AWGBK14AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111512AWGBK15AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111612AWGBK16AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG111912AWGBK19AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG112012AWGBK20AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG112512AWGBK25AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG113012AWGBK30AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG113712AWGBK37AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG114012AWGBK40AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG114512AWGBK45AWG 12Black
XHHW-2 Unscreened CableOG115012AWGBK50AWG 12Black