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THHN-THWN-2 Cables

The THHN/THWN-2 Cables are designed with the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry in mind. THHN/THWN-2 600V cables have an insulation layer of Nylon and Flame Retardant Polyvinyl Chloride. THHN referencing the Nylon coating and the THWN-2 referring to the 90oC PVC used. Both the screened and unscreened cables have a black PVC outer sheath. 

THHN/THWN-2 Cable Specification

The THHN/THWN-2 cable is classified as suitable for Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Areas and offers protection from both aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Depending on the installation environment, there are screened and unscreened variants, the former being an aluminium tape with tinned copper drain wire.

Available in multicore configurations up to 50 cores and in sizes AWG10, AWG12 and AWG14, the THHN/THWN-2 cables are suitable for installation in tray, wire ways, cable ducts, conduits and even as aerial cables when supported by messenger wires. The cables are approved for direct burial where no risk of mechanical damage, and can be installed externally as the Special PVC sheathing offers UV resistance. They can be used in both wet and dry locations but are not suitable for immersion or submersion.

Support with specification and additional electrical characteristics are available on request. Please speak to one of our industry experts for more information.

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Construction Table

  CS THHN THWN 2 Unscreened Cable (1) THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened Cable CS Screened THHN THWN 2 Cable THHN-THWN-2 Screened Cable



Stranded Copper


PVC-FR / Nylon (Polyvinyl Chloride Flame-Retardant / Nylon)


Aluminium Foil


Tinned Copper


Special PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


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Product name Part No Cores Size (AWG) Sheath colour Length (m)  
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080210AWGBK2 FlatAWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080212AWGBK2 FlatAWG 22Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080214AWGBK2 FlatAWG 20Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080310AWGBK3AWG 18Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080312AWGBK3AWG 16Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080314AWGBK3AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080410AWGBK4AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080412AWGBK4AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080414AWGBK4AWG 8Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080510AWGBK5AWG 6Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080512AWGBK5AWG 4Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080514AWGBK5AWG 2Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080610AWGBK6AWG 1Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080612AWGBK6AWG 2/0Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080614AWGBK6AWG 3/0Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080710AWGBK7AWG 22Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080712AWGBK7AWG 20Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080714AWGBK7AWG 18Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080810AWGBK8AWG 16Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080812AWGBK8AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080814AWGBK8AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080910AWGBK9AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080912AWGBK9AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG080914AWGBK9AWG 8Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081010AWGBK10AWG 6Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081012AWGBK10AWG 4Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081014AWGBK10AWG 2Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081110AWGBK11AWG 1Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081112AWGBK11AWG 1/0Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081114AWGBK11AWG 2/0Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081210AWGBK12AWG 3/0Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081212AWGBK12AWG 4/0Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081214AWGBK12AWG 250Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081314AWGBK13AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081410AWGBK14AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081412AWGBK14AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081414AWGBK14AWG 8Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081510AWGBK15AWG 6Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081512AWGBK15AWG 4Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081514AWGBK15AWG 2Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081610AWGBK16AWG 1Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081612AWGBK16AWG 2/0Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081614AWGBK16AWG 3/0Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081910AWGBK19AWG 4/0Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081912AWGBK19AWG 250Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG082010AWGBK20AWG 14+18Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG082012AWGBK20AWG 12+18Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG082014AWGBK20AWG 14+16Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG082510AWGBK25AWG 12+16Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG082512AWGBK25AWG 10+6Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG082514AWGBK25AWG 8+16Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG083010AWGBK30AWG 6+6Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG083012AWGBK30AWG 14+14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG083014AWGBK30AWG 12+14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG083710AWGBK37AWG 10+14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG083712AWGBK37AWG 8+14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG083714AWGBK37AWG 6+14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG084010AWGBK40AWG 4+14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG084012AWGBK40AWG 2+14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG084014AWGBK40AWG 1+14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG084510AWGBK45AWG 2/0+14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG085010AWGBK50AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG084512AWGBK45AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG085012AWGBK50AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG084514AWGBK45AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG085014AWGBK50AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081310AWGBK13350 MCMBlack
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081914AWGBK19350 MCMBlack
THHN-THWN-2 Unscreened CableOG081312AWGBK13500 MCMBlack
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060610AWGBK6AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060710AWGBK7AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060810AWGBK8AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060910AWGBK9AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061010AWGBK10AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061110AWGBK11AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061210AWGBK12AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061310AWGBK13AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061410AWGBK14AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061510AWGBK15AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061610AWGBK16AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061910AWGBK19AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG062010AWGBK20AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG062510AWGBK25AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG063010AWGBK30AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG063710AWGBK37AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG064010AWGBK40AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG064510AWGBK45AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG065010AWGBK50AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060612AWGBK6AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060712AWGBK7AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060812AWGBK8AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060912AWGBK9AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061012AWGBK10AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061112AWGBK11AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061212AWGBK12AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061312AWGBK13AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061412AWGBK14AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061512AWGBK15AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061612AWGBK16AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061912AWGBK19AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG062012AWGBK20AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG062512AWGBK25AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG063012AWGBK30AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG063712AWGBK37AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG064012AWGBK40AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG064512AWGBK45AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG065012AWGBK50AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060614AWGBK6AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060714AWGBK7AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060814AWGBK8AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060914AWGBK9AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061014AWGBK10AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061114AWGBK11AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061214AWGBK12AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061314AWGBK13AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061414AWGBK14AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061514AWGBK15AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061614AWGBK16AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG061914AWGBK19AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG062014AWGBK20AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG062514AWGBK25AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG063014AWGBK30AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG063714AWGBK37AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG064014AWGBK40AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG064514AWGBK45AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG065014AWGBK50AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060210AWGBK2AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060310AWGBK3AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060410AWGBK4AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060510AWGBK5AWG 10Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060212AWGBK2AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060312AWGBK3AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060412AWGBK4AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060512AWGBK5AWG 12Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060214AWGBK2AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060314AWGBK3AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060414AWGBK4AWG 14Black
THHN-THWN-2 Screened CableOG060514AWGBK5AWG 14Black