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TFN Screened Cable

The TFN screened cable is for power distribution. It has a voltage rating of 600V.

TFN Cable Specification

The TFN cable has specific applications in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry owing to its resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. The TFN cable is designed for use in Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous areas - areas within the plant where flammable vapours and gases may be present, but where these gases and liquids are not part of regular operations. They should be used in conjunction with explosion-proof connections and cable accessories.

The PVC outer sheath on the TFN cable is UV resistant allowing for external installation in cable trays, as well as in underground ducts and direct buried. Internal installation can be on trays, ducts or conduit, and aerially when hung with messenger wire support.

TFN screened cables are copper conductors with a layer of nylon tape as well as the flame retardant PVC insulation. It is a variant on the Nylon layer used in THHN-THWN-2 cables. The Aluminium foil screen and tinned copper drain wire provide electromagnetic protection against proximate signal interferences. 

TFN Cable Sizes

TFN cables are supplied in conductor cross-sectional area sizes measured in AWG - American Wire Gauge. They are in sizes 16AWG and 18AWG, and in core configurations from 2-cores to 50-cores.

For support with specification or for further electrical details on the TFN screened cables, please contact the team who will be happy to provide assistance.


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Construction Table

  CS TFN SCREENED Cable TFN Screened Cable



Rigid stranded Copper


PVC-FR (Polyvinyl Chlorde Flame Retardant) with Nylon tape


Aluminium Foil Tape


Tinned Copper


Special PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

TFN Screened Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Size (AWG) Sheath colour Length (m)  
TFN Screened CableOG100216AWGBK2AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG100316AWGBK3AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG100416AWGBK4AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG100516AWGBK5AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG100616AWGBK6AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG100716AWGBK7AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG100816AWGBK8AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG100916AWGBK9AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG101016AWGBK10AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG101116AWGBK11AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG101216AWGBK12AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG101316AWGBK13AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG101416AWGBK14AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG101516AWGBK15AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG101616AWGBK16AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG101916AWGBK19AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG102016AWGBK20AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG102516AWGBK25AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG103016AWGBK30AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG103716AWGBK37AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG104016AWGBK40AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG104516AWGBK45AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG105016AWGBK50AWG 16Black
TFN Screened CableOG100218AWGBK2AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG100318AWGBK3AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG100418AWGBK4AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG100518AWGBK5AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG100618AWGBK6AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG100718AWGBK7AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG100818AWGBK8AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG100918AWGBK9AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG101018AWGBK10AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG101118AWGBK11AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG101218AWGBK12AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG101318AWGBK13AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG101418AWGBK14AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG101518AWGBK15AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG101618AWGBK16AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG101918AWGBK19AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG102018AWGBK20AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG102518AWGBK25AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG103018AWGBK30AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG103718AWGBK37AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG104018AWGBK40AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG104518AWGBK45AWG 18Black
TFN Screened CableOG105018AWGBK50AWG 18Black