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RG7H1ONR, ARG7H1OR and ARG7H1R Cables

Our RG7H1ONR, ARG7H1OR and ARG7H1R Cables form part of our HD620 standard compliant range of IEC 60502-2 Medium Voltage cables. They are designed for the Italian market but are used across Europe and internationally. 

RG7H1ONR, ARG7H1OR and ARG7H1R Cable Specifications

These three core cables are available with either Copper conductors - RG7H1ONR - or Aluminium conductors in the case of ARG7H1OR and ARG7H1NR. These conductors are Class 2 stranded and compacted. 

Insulated in a Hard EPR (HEPR - Ethylene Propylene Rubber) and sheathed in PVC of Rz quality, where the Copper RG7H1ONR cable states that the compound is resistant to hydrocarbons, it is suited to energy transmission installations between transformer rooms and big power users. The cables have a metallic screen, as all medium voltage cables do, with copper wires  for the ARG7H1R and in the case of the ARG7H1OR and RG7H1ONR cables, with copper tape.

Installation can be in air, into ducts, and, as a result of the galvanised steel tapes on the RG7H1ONR cable that sit beneath the outer sheath, they can be laid underground including direct buried when complying with article 4.3.11 of standard CEI 11-17. This steel tape armour also offer mechanical protection. Should mechanical protection be required where aluminium cables are preferred, please speak to a member of our technical team for suitable specification details.

Being PVC sheathing, the cables are also flame retardant, making them suited to internal installations. 

RG7H1ONR, ARG7H1OR and ARG7H1R Cable Voltages

These cables are available across the full spectrum of Medium Voltage ratings, with the Aluminium conductor cable datasheets listing 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 12/20kV and 18/30kV. The Copper conductor cables have voltages of 6/10kV and 12/20kV stated on the technical datasheet as standard - for other voltages, please speak to the team. 

As with all cables within our Medium Voltage portfolio, extensive support with specification is available, helping to support determine both the suitability of these cables (or others as appropriate) and cable sizing.

It should be noted that our website also lists the RG7H1R cable for airfield lighting - this cable is specific to its application - the metallic screen sizes are particularly for the airport industry and should not be confused with these medium voltage cables.

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Construction Table

  CS RG7H1ONR 6 10 Kv Cable RG7H1ONR Cable CS ARG7H1OR Cable ARG7H1OR Cable CS ARG7H1R Cable ARG7H1R Cable

Copper Class 2 stranded

Aluminium Class 2 stranded


Hard Ethylene Propylene Rubber (HEPR)


Copper Tape

Copper Wires


Galvanised Steel Tape


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Rz


RG7H1ONR, ARG7H1OR and ARG7H1R Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Voltage Rating Sheath colour Length (m)  
RG7H1ONR CableB4J10KV03016316mm²10kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J10KV03025325mm²10kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J10KV03035335mm²10kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J20KV03035335mm²20kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J10KV03050350mm²10kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J20KV03050350mm²20kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J10KV03070370mm²10kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J20KV03070370mm²20kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J10KV03095395mm²10kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J20KV03095395mm²20kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J10KV031203120mm²10kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J20KV031203120mm²20kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J10KV031503150mm²10kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J20KV031503150mm²20kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J10KV031853185mm²10kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J20KV031853185mm²20kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J10KV032403240mm²10kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J20KV032403240mm²20kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J10KV033003300mm²10kVRed
RG7H1ONR CableB4J20KV033003300mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D06KV03025325mm²6kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D10KV03025325mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D20KV03025325mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D06KV03035335mm²6kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D10KV03035335mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D20KV03035335mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D06KV03050350mm²6kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D10KV03050350mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D20KV03050350mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D06KV03070370mm²6kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D10KV03070370mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D20KV03070370mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D06KV03095395mm²6kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D10KV03095395mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D20KV03095395mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D06KV031203120mm²6kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D10KV031203120mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D20KV031203120mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D06KV031503150mm²6kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D10KV031503150mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D20KV031503150mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D06KV031853185mm²6kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D10KV031853185mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D20KV031853185mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D06KV032403240mm²6kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D10KV032403240mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D20KV032403240mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D06KV033003300mm²6kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D10KV033003300mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D20KV033003300mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D06KV034003400mm²6kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D10KV034003400mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1OR CableB4D20KV034003400mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV01025125mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV01025125mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV01025125mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV01025125mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV01035135mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV01035135mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV01035135mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV01035135mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV01050150mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV01050150mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV01050150mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV01050150mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV01070170mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV01070170mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV01070170mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV01070170mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV01095195mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV01095195mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV01095195mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV01095195mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV011201120mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV011201120mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV011201120mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV011201120mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV011501150mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV011501150mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV011501150mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV011501150mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV011851185mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV011851185mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV011851185mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV011851185mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV012401240mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV012401240mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV012401240mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV012401240mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV013001300mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV013001300mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV013001300mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV013001300mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV014001400mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV014001400mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV014001400mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV014001400mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV015001500mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV015001500mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV015001500mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV015001500mm²30kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E03KV016301630mm²3kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E10KV016301630mm²10kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E20KV016301630mm²20kVRed
ARG7H1R CableB4E30KV016301630mm²30kVRed