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Points Heating (NR/SP/ELP/40045) Cable

Our NR/SP/ELP/40045 cable is designed for rail industry power distribution in points heating systems and holds Network Rail approval. Powering the Electric Point Heating systems is essential for maintaining railway operations during cold weather and extreme low temperatures.

This new standard for points heating cables replaced RT/E/PS/40045.

These heavy-duty cables offer protection from abrasion and mechanical impact whilst maintaining flexibility to ease installation.

Points heating (NR/SP/ELP/40054) PADS references

PADS Number of cores Core sizes
006/147001 2 1.5mm2
006/150002 4 1.5mm2
006/147000 4 4mm2
006/153102 8 1.5mm2
006/153102 8 1.5mm2
006/153110 8 2.5mm2
006/153103 8 4mm2
006/153111 8 6mm2
006/153112 8 10mm2
006/153113 8 16mm2

These rail industry cables are often referred to as "electric point heating cables" or as "pointer heating cables". They are also available in LSZH materials under their own PADS references.

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Construction Table

  Rail NR-PS-ELP-40054 Points Heating Cable CS Points Heating (NR/SP/ELP/40045) Cable

Class 5 Flexible Stranded Tinned Copper


EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber)


PCP (Polychloroprene)

Points Heating (NR/SP/ELP/40045) Cable

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Product name Part No Rail Cat No Cores Strands Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Points Heating (NR/SP/ELP/40045) CableA5RPH04015006/1500024301.5Black
Points Heating (NR/SP/ELP/40045) CableA5RPH04025-4502.5Black
Points Heating (NR/SP/ELP/40045) CableA5RPH04040-4564Black
Points Heating (NR/SP/ELP/40045) CableA5RPH08015006/1531028301.5Black
Points Heating (NR/SP/ELP/40045) CableA5RPH08025-8502.5Black
Points Heating (NR/SP/ELP/40045) CableA5RPH08040006/1531038564Black
Points Heating (NR/SP/ELP/40045) CableA5RPH08060-8846Black